Covergirl Flamed Out Eyeshadow Pot Swatches and Review

I was in Walgreens yesterday and I had a valid reason to be there. I’m having surgery Monday (we will talk about that later) and I had to grab some stuff that I needed pre-op. As fate would have it, the lady in the cosmetic section offered to check me out and I glanced around and I really didn’t see anything at first.

It was like the endcap screamed at me ‘HEY APRILL OVER HERE’!! I never get information from Covergirl about what’s new, I just so happened to run across a status update on Twitter that they were releasing new Lip balms (we review that next), but I was not aware of the shadow pots.

Covergirl Flamed Out Eyeshadow pots are supposed to be very bold and vivid shadows in convenient individual pots. Of course I did not buy them all, just the that caught my eye: Lime Light and Sapphire Flare.


Covergirl Sapphire Flare is a medium blue with silver sparkle. A MAC shade most comparable to Sapphire Flare is MAC Freshwater, except Freshwater does not have as much sparkle as the Covergirl shadow. Sapphire Flare has a shimmer finish to it, where Freshwater has a satin finish.



Sapphire Flare applies easily with minimal fallout.  Pigmentation is really good and the colors are easy to pick up with whatever medium you choose to use (finger, brush, sponge).  It works better with a primer, but without you will still pickup color and it lasts about 5 hours on the lid before it starts to fade and crease.


Covergirl Limelight is a yellow based light green with a shimmery finish. I did not have a MAC shadow in my stash comparable to this shade (or Urban Decay, or NARS, or MUFE, or Milani).


Lime Light applied easily with minimal fallout. Pigmentation is decent, but not as good as the blue one. You can tell the distinction in the photos between primer and no primer. Primer is for sure bolder and richer, so take note of that.

I think these are some pretty good shadows for a price point of $3.99, $3.94 if ya nasty and you going to Walmart.

Time to answer the obvious questions:

1. What size are these shadows?  They are 2 grams, MAC is 1.5.

2. Can I depot and put them in a MAC palette? No, but you can depot and put in a Z palette.  I’ve only had these for a day, so if I’m feeling ambitious later, I will try to figure out a way to depot.

In total, there are 12 shades available . They retail at 3.99 each, $3.94 at Walmart, and they are BOGO 50% at Walgreens right now. You can’t beat that.

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