Swatched It! Covergirl Lava-nder Lip Lava Swatches And Review


Covergirl Lava-nder Lip Lava  (1)

Oh look kids, it’s new makeup!

Covergirl released Lip Lava back in November 2014 and I missed the memo. Lip Lava seems to be a fun spin-off of the Coloricious line that was recently released as well, but let’s admit it, there were some very conservative colors included in that line. Lip Lava is not a gloss, balm or lipstick. It’s LAVA!!!!!! After standing back at the display having a panic attack, I grabbed a gloss, went to pick up a few other things, went back to the display, put it back, took a photo of the display, grabbed the gloss I originally picked up and then I grabbed another. Yeah, stressful.

So here’s a review of Lava-nder!


Lip Lava is packaged in a square-shaped tube with a red cap. Nothing major to talk about here. Twist the cap off to show a lip brush-like applicator. The lip brush applies with more precision and better pigmentation than a doe-foot wand.

Side note: CVS put that horrible, gawdy anti-theft sticker on the tube. Thank GOD it peeled off with ease.


The formula of Lip Lava is very smooth and silky. These glosses are packed with glitter, but you will not feel a single particle of it when you apply or rub your lips together. Lip Lava is well pigmented, giving you full pigmentation in one application. I did two coats on my lips simply because I was hypnotized by the glitter. The formula is a tad heavy on the lips but not sticky or tacky. Also, very moisturizing.

Lava-nder is a medium toned reddish, purple base with pink and blue microglitter. The finish is shiny like a gloss, but the glitter overpowers the shine so it’s not obviously shiny. Speaking of the glitter, MEGA SHINY

Application was a breeze. It applied smoothly and semi-evenly, but not uneven enough to spend time and characters complaining about it.


Where you gotta wear Lip Lava

PARTIES!!! While the entire collection (didn’t buy them all because poor) is a mixture of glosses with glitter and without, you have to own at least one of the glitter shades to rock during the holidays or to celebrate New Year’s! No matter what the tubes with glitter are party ready!

Lip Lava is out and about on special displays in CVS and Bed Bath And Beyond. I’m sure Walgreens and Rite Aid will catch up in the weeks ahead! They retail for $8.49.



Covergirl Lava-nder Lip Lava  (2) Covergirl Lava-nder Lip Lava  (3)

Covergirl Lava-nder Lip Lava  (4)


Covergirl Lava-nder Lip Lava  (1)

Covergirl Lava-nder Lip Lava  (2)

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14 thoughts on “Swatched It! Covergirl Lava-nder Lip Lava Swatches And Review

  1. Marnie Chase

    Now that’s some serious glitter and I love the shade! Great review as always! SOLD!!


    1. GlitteryGlossy

      yay! You gotta show me a picture when you wear it!


  2. Anne S. - Betty's Beauty Bombs

    That looks superb on you. I would never be able to pull it off, but I’m glad you can, because it’s super gorgeous!


    1. GlitteryGlossy

      I think you could totally pull it off!


  3. Deborah - Love Varnish

    Woah! That looks intense, and very intriguing.


  4. MyBeautyJunction

    My jaw actually dropped when I saw the first photo of the tube. It looks simply stunning on you! Makeup is fun and addictive because of products like this. Gorg!


  5. Color Me So Crazy

    I love this color on you!! I am not sure how it would look on my skin tone, but I did the same as MyBeautyJunction. Jaw, meet the floor, gorgeous!


  6. loveforlacquer

    I passed on these the other day and am totally regretting it! I love it


  7. Collective Beauty

    Oooh, this is really pretty!! I love all the tiny micro sparkles, and the formula sounds fantastic!


  8. Valesha from Peachy Polish

    This doesn’t really appeal to me but great swatches anyway!


  9. Very Emily

    Woah this looks absolutely stunning on you!


  10. Lindsay Does Nails

    That looks amazing on you… I can’t imagine it on me but on you… bangin’!


  11. Ashley P

    Loving this color on you! I haven’t seen any of the newer products in my area yet. We have a Drugstore Draught going on here. =*(


  12. Stephanie Louise Telford

    This color is STUNNING! I Need it now!!!


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