Crabtree And Evelyn English Honey And Peach Blossom Collection Review

Have you ever picked up a product and you wanted it to work for you so bad? This is me with this scent.  When you think of spring collections, we always think floral: roses, lilac, gardenia, orchids and lilies.  So why do brands skip creating a fragrance inspired  by what I consider a staple of spring- Honey. Crabtree and Evelyn finally did it.

Crabtree and Evelyn English Honey And Peach Blossom collection is comprised of 8 products:

  • Ultra Moisturizing Hand Therapy
  • Body Wash
  • Lip Salve
  • Body Lotion
  • Body Butter
  • All Purpose Balm
  • Moisturising Cream
  • Glistening Face Serum

I have the body wash, lip salve, body butter and glistening face serum to review with you today. But first let’s talk about the scent.

When it comes to scent, it is true to title. HONEY. The top note of honey lingers for hours and really never dries down. You can catch the peach blossom notes, but barely. The scent of honey overpowers it. I wish they added more peach blossom, because it’s so sweet and juicy.

Body Butter, $20

Crabtree And Evelyn English Honey And Peach Blossom  body butter

The body butter has a perfect, buttery, smooth texture that melts into the skin. It leaves the skin hydrated for well over 8 hours. The fragrance in the body butter is very strong and a tad overpowering, even for a fragrance freak like myself.

Body Wash, $20

Crabtree And Evelyn English Honey And Peach Blossom  body wash

The body wash is fresh, bubbly and cleansing. The texture of the bodywash is perfect, not too thick, not watery. Easy application, easy cleansing, super sudsy, easy rinsing with no film. Of all the products I tried, this one was the lightest in scent.

Lip Salve, $4

Crabtree And Evelyn English Honey And Peach Blossom  lip salve

The lip salve is smooth and buttery with a satin finish. This salve, scent aside could work on anyone from your spouse to your kids. The scent in the salve is not as strong as the other products. The scent fades away after about 15 minutes.

Glistening Face Serum, $32

Crabtree And Evelyn English Honey And Peach Blossom  glistening face serum

The Glistening Face Serum dispenses like a water based gel and easily soaks into the face. This serum was not as strong in scent as the body butter, but the light scent of honey lingered on my face for a good 15 minutes. Something else that didn’t last that long was the ‘glistening’ effect. Once the serum soaks in, the glow is gone. This serum is packed with a lot of good stuff like orange peel, lime, camphor, raspberry and honey extract. I didn’t use it long enough to note long term effects on the skin.

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