Curiosity Killed the Cat and Enchanted Polish Brought It Back


OPI My Private Jet (original charcoal holographic version) over Chanel Rouge Noir

When I first started collecting nail polish in 2008, I didn’t understand the appeal of holographic polish until I picked up an original bottle of OPI My Private Jet.  This led me to amass holographic classics such as OPI’s early Designer Series polishes and China Glaze’s Kaleidoscope and OMG collections.  In 2011, international companies and independent brands picked up the slack from American mainstream brands and brought back holographics en masse.  However, shortly after the debut of international holographics, my love of holo finally started to burn out.

Fast forward to today:  Enchanted Polish is king (perhaps queen?) of indie holographics.  With lightning-fast sellouts of restocks and marked-up resales, obtaining them can be both arduous and expensive.  Unlike the holographics of the past, the line is full of richly colored and multichromatic holographic polish.  I finally purchased one aftermarket to witness the hype for myself.



August 2013 is a smoky blue linear holographic that slightly leans teal.  The base color is very similar to Butter London Victoriana.

This was an impulse buy.  The retail price for Enchanted Polish is $15, which in my opinion is very reasonable for the quality.  Do I recommend the more common above-retail aftermarket prices (usually $25+) as I paid myself?  If it’s what tickles your pickle, go for it!  However, there are many other indie alternatives that are cheaper and easier to obtain, so if you’re on a budget, you have other choices.


While I do like August 2013, I’ll probably save my money for other polish.  While my lust for holographic polish has waned over the years, I still love the ones I have obtained, such as OPI Designer Series Glamour.

Are you a hoor for holographic? Let us know!

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Janice Agagas-Welch is a Filipino Navy brat raised in Northwest Florida living the good life in the Lowcountry. She’s a married dog mom and licensed nail technician who has owned over 2000 polishes over the last 5 years. She also loves food, cider, mid-1990s R&B, college football and anything Peanuts/Snoopy-related.

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