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My curlkit box was HEAVY this month and for good reason. It was a take over month! This month’s take over was SoftSheen Carson’s AMLA Legend. Three years ago, Optimum Salon Haircare introduced the world to Amla Legend because the brand felt that there was a need for an oil-infused hair care line designed to nourish, condition, provide shine and strengthen hair without weighing it down.

My experience with the brand had a rocky start. I first encountered AMLA Legend three years ago after it’s initial launch when my hair was still relaxed. I was a huge fan of African Pride relaxer, but I wanted to try something new. Due to it’s high price point and oil infused properties, I just knew this relaxer would be the best product I ever got my hands on. That didn’t happen. AMLA Legend Rejuvenating Ritual relaxer burned my scalp and my hair the moment it was applied. My entire scalp was one big scab when it was all over, creating fear of the brand as a whole.

However, everyone deserves a second chance. Plus, my hair is natural now, so no relaxer no drama right?

Introducing the AMLA Legend take over box

  1. Amla Legend Combing Cream promises to deliver the conditioning and detangling benefits of a leave-in conditioner with the curl defining effects of a styling product for perfect curls. I’m setting this product to the side because my hair is not long enough right now. I did use a squeeze on my tiny fro once, and I was impressed with its ability to instantly detangle my hair. I just feel like this will work better when my hair is longer.
  2. Amla Legend Rejuvenating Oil promises to transform dry, damaged hair making it visibly healthier without mineral oil. First of all, I’m addicted to the warm, fragrant scent of this oil. Second, it does everything it promises to do. When it is time to style my hair in the morning, I rub a few drops in my hair walk away with instant shine and softness.
  3. Amla Legend Moisture Remedy Conditioner delivers intense nourishment, superior detangling and strength to weak and damaged hair. This conditioner smells great and gives my hair excellent slip.
  4. Amla Legend Moisture Remedy Shampoo gently cleanses and expertly detangles while providing intense moisture for weak, damaged hair. This shampoo did a great job cleansing my hair without leaving it dry.
  5. Amla Legend 10-in-1 Silky Blow Out Elixir is perfect for ladies who like to straighten their hair with heat. This styling cream is infused with Amla oil to prevent hair damage. I can’t give my thoughts on this product, I don’t have enough hair to blow out! I might try this on my daughter, though.






Click here to check out the full collection.

There was also a HUGE rake comb included in the box that I, of course, can’t use right now, but I can’t wait until my hair is back to it’s former glory so I can use it.

Curlkit Amla Legend take over box retails $20 plus $5 shipping. Order here.


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