How To Cut Costs On Cosmetics

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Make up can make up a bigger proportion of our costs than it needs to. You don’t have to cut out the cosmetics entirely, but a few nips and tucks to your spendings can go a long way. Here are a few easy methods to save money when buying make-up and toiletries.

Look out for coupons and sales

Keeping an eye out for deals can save you paying premium prices for cosmetics. Even simple spendings such as toothpaste and shampoo can be cheaper if you buy in bulk deals. Try to avoid fancy pharmacies and specialist cosmetic stores that may charge high prices. You may be able to get a better deal for the same products from a more mainstream sale, for example a Walmart sale. Don’t forget to search online for deals too.  

Collect samples

Almost all make-up shops will offer samples, although you may alert staff if you keep going in every day to touch up your eyeliner. There are other ways that you can collect free samples.

Many websites may offer a free sample if you sign up. These are often only small samples, but you can’t really criticise a freebie. Signing up to multiple sites might result in a lot of spam emails, but you can always create a separate email address for this purpose (also a great tactic for comping).

Also look out for free giveaways at events and on social media pages. You can also collect more basic toiletries such as shampoo and soap from hotels for free.

Use less

Okay, so this one is pretty obvious, but for some cosmetic addicts it may be worthwhile. You don’t have to wear layers of make-up every day, especially lazy weekends. Many of us also overuse basic toiletries such as toothpaste and shampoo – whilst you should brush your teeth daily you may only really need a quarter of the toothpaste you put on your brush, just as you only need a small dollop of shampoo not a whole palmful.

Don’t be afraid to downgrade

Most of us buy into big brands but there are times when there really isn’t much difference between a cheap and premium product (how you apply it is the most important aspect). Try experimenting with other less costly brands and you may find you’re able to achieve exactly the same effect.

Use what you have!

It’s too easy to horde cosmetics and not use what you already have. If you’re the kind of person that grows tired of the same product quickly, consider whether you really need to keep buying new make-up or if it’s just going to get shelved in a month’s time. The same applies to shampoos and conditioners – most of us have racks that are full of half-finished bottles. Try living more frugally and using a bottle up until it is entirely finished. There are lots of tricks to get the most out of toothpaste and this applies to other toiletries too.


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