Glitter Removal Just Became Drama Free With Cutex Spa Formula Nail Polish Remover



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Welcome to the new age of nails! Now that nails have become the new accessory, nail lacquer companies are producing some hardcore products like gel nails, full coverage glitters and liquid sand polishes. Problem is, they are becoming harder and harder to remove.

That left you with two choices acetone, which is very drying on the nails and the cuticle, or non acetone products that just don’t have the power to remove glitters without rubbing your fingertips to death.

This time last year, if I wanted to wear a glitter lacquer, I knew that I had to use acetone to remove it, and then go soak my nails in olive oil to rehydrate. That was time consuming, and my nails still ended up being damaged. Boo.

Hello Cutex!

Cutex has released a new product, Cutex Spa Formula. Cutex Spa Formula contains 98% acetone enhanced with Perilla seed oil, flax seed oil, and apricot kernel oil to give the nails instant hydration.

I put this remover to the test by using the worst glitter polish in my stash: OPI Teenage Dream. While this is my favorite glitter polish, it’s also the worst when it comes to removing it. In comparison to pure acetone, Cutex does provide more moisture to my nails. Don’t get me wrong, it still dried small portions of my fingers, but it was definitely not as bad as acetone. When compared to acetone free remover, Cutex removed glitter in seconds. I did have to use the foil method, just rub a few times and all the glitter was gone. With acetone free removers, you literally have to grind on your nails for well over 15 seconds, or do the foil.

In short, Cutex was a win for me.

Pick up a bottle for under 5 bucks just about everywhere you find nail products. Check out Chippmunk for current coupon deals from Walgreens, one location where Cutex is sold.

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2 thoughts on “Glitter Removal Just Became Drama Free With Cutex Spa Formula Nail Polish Remover

  1. Cherriprbuzz

    I gotta try this because it is pure hell taking the polish off. Plus my nail lady hates when I ask for 3 coats of glitter polish cause she knows how hard its going to be. Thanks for this post


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