Daily, Or Deadly? Can We Stay Healthy On Supplements Alone?


With a number of supplements widely available out there, it begs the question, can we live off supplements alone and not have a healthy diet? It’s a valid question, as we are prescribed a lot of pills for common medical conditions, it means we think we can nurse ourselves back to health just by taking a lot of tablets. And as the popularity of meal replacement drinks has surged in recent years, are all these supplements all they’re cracked up to be?

Can We Get All Our Nutrition From Supplements?

In short, no. However, we can get a lot of the essential nutrients. Essential nutrients are defined as compounds your body is unable to produce by itself and can consist of water, calories, minerals, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, as well as vitamins. The last three compounds you can find in abundance in supplements, such as calcium, but you need to find good quality supplements. The issue with supplements that are of a poor quality means that they don’t have as much vitamin amounts as they state on the bottle, and some vitamins are harder to digest in a supplement form. The common calcium supplement is derived from rock, which can make it harder for our bodies to digest and therefore assimilate all of the nutrients. Some supplements are derived from plants, such as Algae Cal, that people are using to replenish their bone density. There are also lots of concerns about side effects of supplements, and if you look at the AlgaeCal plant calcium side effects, as with many supplements, there are minimal side effects. But with some supplements, there are extreme side effects…

Overdosing On Vitamins

It may sound absurd, but because of so many supplements containing the recommended daily allowance of a certain vitamin, it’s very easy for you to take too much in. It can be extremely risky to have too much iron, beta-carotene, or vitamin A. Vitamin A, in particular, has been shown to have an impact on your bones, and if you have too much vitamin A while pregnant, it can harm your unborn baby. Side effects from taking too many vitamins can vary, from bloating, gas or, in extreme circumstances, sudden death. However, for the most part, your body is very adept at getting rid of things that it doesn’t need.



How Vitamins Can Give You The Edge

We will feel it if we are letting in certain nutrients, such as Vitamin D, which it is argued that we are all deficient in at some point in our lives. By taking supplements, in combination with a varied diet of whole foods that is high in dietary fiber, we can feel the benefits. If you lack in a certain vitamin, taking the right one for you can help you to boost your energy, increase your focus, and generally improve your well-being. The issue with supplements is that they don’t generally have the right ratio for what we, as individuals, need. There are many blood tests you can take now to determine what you might be deficient in, so it’s advisable to try this first before purchasing every lotion and potion under the sun.

Supplements are a welcome addition to anyone’s diet, but this is only really effective if you know what you are deficient in, combining it with a healthy diet, but also making sure you purchase good quality supplements. Overall, supplements aren’t the key to staying healthy on their own, but they certainly can give you the edge.

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