Dear Fresh Cosmetics: I Fell In Love +What’s Your Love Story?


What better way to celebrate the month than to tell a brand how much I love them? My first encounter with Fresh was back in 2007, a friend sent me a sample of Fresh Sugar Lemon perfume and I’ve been obsessed ever since. But when you are a perfume addict (me), you tend to stray. I’m guilty, but I always come back to Fresh.

It was fall of 2013 and I was looking for something to compliment my pumpkin spice obsession. I mean once you smell Ixora’s pumpkin spice body butter, you will want a perfume to compliment it. I had to make a stop at Sephora to trade my scent certificate in for a bottle of perfume and decided I wanted to find a perfume for the pumpkin spice butter and there she was: Fresh Sake. It was so rich and warm with notes of vanilla and musk and Lotus flower. I became thirsty for Fresh, I wanted more. I needed a haul, I got a haul:

Fresh Cosmetics

Fresh Life perfume rollerball, I got it in anticipation for spring because it’s so clean and FRESH and sophisticated.

Fresh Sugar Lychee Bath and Shower gel, only because there was not a Fresh Life scent, which I hope they eventually create.

Fresh Sugar Lychee soap because addict.

And now I’m even sticking my toe in their skincare products. I’ve read so much about the benefits of Seaberry Buckthorn, I had to try the Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser? Because it’s a gel formula and I love gels.

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