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Demeter Fragrance Library White Sangria cologne spray is a light and fruity rendition of the infamous Spanish blended wine. The Demeter version is a Sangria Blanco, which is a combination of white wine, and peaches with a hint of honey.

The packaging is the same as always the 1oz square bottle we have all grown to love. Demeter contains no extra packaging like boxes and other items so you have nothing extra to discard.

I smell top notes of white wine and peaches, with a musky dry down of fruits and honey.

The scent lasts on my skin for well over 8 hours. This is a must have scent for the summer!

White Demeter White Sangria is available in the following products:

1oz cologne- $20

0.50oz cologne purse spray $10

0.50oz mini cologne splash $6

0.29oz perfume oil roll on $10

4oz body lotion $14.50

4oz bath and shower gel $11.50

2oz massage body oil $12

4oz diffuser oil $25

4oz home atmosphere spray $14

The Demeter Fragrance Library contains over 250 fragrances inspired by everyday objects and experiences. Ingredients are 95% derived in nature. Alcohol is naturally fermented from corn. Demeter contains no artificial colors and no phthalates.



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