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Birthday parties have become quite the snoozefest in the Coleman household. Grab a cake, order some pizza, get the birthday kid whatever they want, invite a friend or two over (I have five kids, I birthed a small birthday party, no need to go overboard with the invites), and send everyone home and to bed high off sugar and full of greasy pizza. Welcome to motherhood I guess.

This got me thinking about ways to improve the birthday parties I throw. Especially for the smaller kid in the house. He’s 6, autistic and if there’s one thing he loves to do, it’s color. Coloring books are blah. Paying a company to create colorable novelty gifts can be expensive when you are done filling the boxes with party favors. So what is a mom to do?

I was recently introduced to the brand Zumibox– the ultimate, do it yourself box builder. Customize it, print at home for an affordable price. It’s that easy. Luckily for me, I got them right in time for Chum’s birthday, March 3.

Getting started

It’s best to first make sure your computer is compatible which in most cases, it will be. The package clearly states to use an inkjet printer. For reference, I used an Epson Workforce 633 printer.

It goes without mentioning that you need the pre-cut, printable box blanks to get started. Zumibox boxes are affordable, starting at $10 a pack, with each pack ranging from 10-12 boxes.


pic monkey

Once you receive the boxes, you need an idea. I thought about printing a design on the box already adorned with color, but what would be the fun in that?! I decided to create a colorable design that each guest could color them self. I created a design using PicMonkey. They have a wide assortment of fonts, overlays, frames and textures that you can use for free or $4.99 a month for a wider selection.

I used a wide font for the text and inserted stars. Something simple enough for a young child to do. But make no mistake, I almost created an adult coloring book type design, but I caught myself.

Wrapping up

My design is now ready to print on the box! Here’s how you finish:

  1. Go back to Zumibox and upload the design you created
  2. Rotate the design and scale it to fit your needs
  3. Click print. The design will be downloaded as a .pdf file
  4. Feed your printer, one box blank at a time, following the arrows on the paper

New Image

That’s it! All you have to do now is fill the box with goodies and set them out for guests to color!

I used design ‘1842’, which retails $10. Shipping is a flat $3. To check out all the boxes available, visit Also available at Rite Aid!



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