How To Devise The Proper Face Care Routine For Yourself

Sometimes people forget that the human body’s blood, flesh and bone are living organisms that constantly react to the outside world to the forces exerted on it. Consequently, you can treat your body as if it were a purely mechanical system. But the face is one of the most sensitive areas of the body, with much more nerve endings than other limbs such as the forearm. Dirt can get trapped in the pores of your face then clutter and block them. When the natural oils cannot perform their duties, that’s when bacteria builds up rapidly. This can lead to pimples, spots and possibly acne forming which is not only unattractive to look at, but physically and mentally distressing. Skin care regimens for the face have to have many functions and capabilities if they are to clean, refresh and breath new life and health into the pores.

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Knowing your type of skin

Crucial to forming your plan of action is knowing the kind of skin you have. If you buy products that aren’t fit for your particular molecular level, then you’re bound to do yourself more harm than good. So before you go out and buy general treatments, enact proper consideration that your skin is individual to you and just because someone you know may also be suffering from the same symptoms as you, doesn’t mean the same creams, lotions, ointments and other treatments will work for you. As a general rule, try not to buy over the counter. Do some research of various ingredients and how they can help your skin. Then you can order online, very niche products which might not be sold at your local pharmacy or local skin care store.

Normal or oily

Sometimes also referred to as ‘average’ skin, normal skin is smooth, firm and with small or medium sized pores. It’s a perfect halfway house because it’s not beyond the pale with regards to either dryness or oiliness. People with normal skin moisturize on average once a day or even sometimes once every two days. Cleansing and spot treatment should be an ongoing thing, with a ‘react to a reaction’ response system. On the other hand, if you do have slightly too much of oiliness, you only need to exfoliate and use spot cream once in awhile. They key is to wash your face two times a day, so the skin does not remain shiny and overloaded.


Dry skin

The most distressing type of skin to have as the condition of the skin can move around the like the earth’s tectonic plates. It generally feels tight, and in some areas, it may get flaky. Dry skin occurs when the skin lacks the natural protective layers it should have, such efficient oil excretion, a thin layer or membrane which evens out the moisture and distribution of water nutrients in the skin. Those with this type of skin should stick to deep moisturization such as an ointment, rather than a cream. Moisturize on average, and without fail, two times each day; once in the morning, once again before bedtime.

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Eye care

The eyes are the window into the soul, and if they’re happy and healthy are some of the first features of your face, people around you will notice. However, know where you stand to start off as you should first check your family history for any eye related diseases. A genetic history of diabetes, blood pressure, the effect of alcohol consumption can show up in the eyes in the form of a dim pupil shade and inflamed veins.

The adverse effects of smoking are well-known by scientists and opticians. You might have a nicotine substance addiction and still want to look great but unfortunately, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. It’s been documented that people who have a smoking habit have a severely increased chance of developing eye related health problems. These can be, cataracts, uveitis and fasten the commonly age-related macular degeneration condition.

Lifestyle can determine whether you have eyes that would be viewed as normal under a strict examination. Always wear safety glasses if your work involved activities which bring you into contact with the harshness of the elements or manual labor; for example if you work in construction, in a testing lab, timber yard, etc. Keep up with regular checks to the opticians to maintain your vision, because although degeneration is normally subtle, once the momentum gathers it’s going to be hard to stop it. Eventually, you’ll end up with the need for glasses or medical eye drops if you don’t follow these steps.

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Teeth care

An overlooked area of an entire face care routine, are the teeth. This is perhaps the simplest of all to remember, but, always brush your teeth twice a day. The best time to brush is after you’ve just eaten. The best option for a toothbrush is something that isn’t too large, as the intricate shape and size of the head, will allow you to poke around the back of your mouth as easy as the front. Sometimes, even though the teeth are healthy, strong and clean, the color can become duller over time as the loss of enamel can turn the teeth gray. Effective toothpastes that are specifically designed for whitening your teeth like Charcoal Toothpaste are becoming more mainstream as more people see a sign of white teeth as hygienic and the individual caring for their personal appearance.

The nose

As the nose will be part of your daily exfoliating, hydrating, moisturizing routine, the exterior will be well catered for. But, what about the inside? It’s genuinely not seen as important to some people, but the nasal passageway should be nursed as the pathway to life. It doesn’t matter how hard you work in the gym if your skin isn’t getting enough oxygen, the revitalizing effect of oxygen-rich blood won’t occur.

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Suffering from eczema can be one of the most horrifying experiences in your life. It’s one of the most complex dermatology conditions in the world and even in the modern age of science and technology being advance as it is, there’s still no cure for this very common disease. Never be stubborn and decide to persevere in silence. You need to tackle this head on before it gets out of hand as eczema can spread from part of your body to another easily and quickly.

Your doctor will most likely diagnose you with atopic dermatitis, which basically means, you’re suffering from very, very dry skin. This is because your skin lacks the natural protective layers and natural oil moisturizing capability like normal skin does. It’s a complex immune system deficiency and understanding how your skin reacts to different foods, clothing materials, temperatures and hygiene levels your environment are going to have to be a part of your everyday thought process.

Generally, the most common and effective medicine types you’re possibly going to be prescribed is an atopic steroid ointment. This is something that is not recommended for prolonged use, as in the long run, steroid ointments will harm your skin by thinning it or darkening the pigmentation. However, the steroid will dampen down the inflammatory effect of eczema and immediately step in as a substitute for your skin’s lack of natural oils. On top of this, the ointment will penetrate deep into the cells and temporarily increase the ability to absorb water from your diet, which will support the lubrication of the skin.

While you’re using these medicines, it’s great if you can shock the skin into breathing, i.e. sweating. Sport and vigorous physical activity can help sweat out toxins and bring back to live the oxygenation of your skin cells.



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