Disorders Can Provide Inspiration

As our population grows and our technology improves, we have seen a rise in the disorders that so many people suffer. It may not be spoken about regularly but just about everyone you meet either has a disorder or is closely related to someone who does. It may be sensory, mental health, or a physical disorder that one will live with for a long time or have it until their death. Fortunately for us, people are paying attention and inventing devices that are perfect for coping with our disorders. Today we are looking at some very simple items that can make a total difference to someone’s world.

Apparel For All

Raising a child who has a sensory processing disorder can be challenging for even the most patient and caring of parents. For instance, what seems like a simple process of wearing clothes can be an ordeal in the mind of a child with a sensory processing disorder.  You may think that the socks or the tee shirt are perfectly okay but that child will let you know that it isn’t. Available clothing for sensory processing disorder is a true lifesaver for the child who can’t stand the seams in their underwear or if the socks are never thick enough.

While that may sound like a fairly new invention, it isn’t! Compression socks for diabetics have been on the market for decades and still are a popular item for a lot of people. Many non-diabetics wear them to help ease arthritic pain or simply because they really like how they feel on the body. Tagless tee shirts have also been around for a long time and made many parents of autistic children rejoice. Although it originated just because so many people were cutting the tags out of annoyance, it was truly those with a sensory disorder that benefited the most from the change.

Light The Way For Depression

The winter blues, or seasonal depression disorder, was the reason behind light therapy. Affecting about five-percent of the population, it can be an extremely difficult form of depression to combat and the biggest success has been with the use of light therapy. Special light boxes are designed to mimic the sunlight so that it will stimulate the release of serotonin into your body. This then turns into relief from depression and help you sleep better in the evenings. It was long discovered that people really need some regular sunlight and the light boxes are a great solution. The better part is that it’s not just for those with seasonal depression. Many who have major or chronic depression and/or post-traumatic stress disorder often talk about how a walk in the sunshine is helpful to their mood swings. Those who use the light therapy often find it very helpful when we are in the dark and colder months or even on a miserably rainy day.

Distractions Vary

There is a growing market of items that help those with disorders to distract and help them cope. Fidget spinners (originally designed for autistic children) can help someone with a substance abuse disorder move past the urge to abuse a drug. Fidget cubes help someone with attention deficit disorder to refocus and train their brain to refocus when they are struggling. There are many mobile apps to help us with all sorts of problems at hand. Some are educational apps for children with special needs help them learn while keeping them distracted from outside sources of stress. You can find lots of apps over mindful meditation to help you cope with a stressful situation, breathing apps to delay the panic attack, yoga apps to retrain your brain to be less reactionary, and even white noise apps to help the insomniac get some rest.

While a handful may have accidentally been created for a disorder, most of these products were targeting a specific problem. In some cases, what was designed for one need also found ways to fulfill multiple needs. These small steps have paved the way for us to invent more. Can you imagine what is right around the corner?

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