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Staying fit can be difficult for many of us, and it’s not only because many of us live very busy lives Another factor is self-esteem: the thought of going to the gym and struggling to lift weights, or feel like we are sweating a river while on the treadmill can make us not want to go out and make the effort, and it’s no surprise that a lot of forego the gym and stay home instead. Even if you aren’t bothered about people seeing you and just hate the gym, don’t worry: there are other ways to get fit and have fun at the same time. You’ll have toned up before you know it!

Trapeze Class

You may have been to watch the circus a few times in your life, and watching nimble people flying from bar to bar and soaring in the air is magical. But it’s not just for the professionals, you can do it too! Most classes will teach body movements on the ground first, before progression to the air. You’ll have a laugh and lose weight without even noticing.

Child’s Play

Sometimes the best workouts are the ones inspired by when we were children. Kids have a lot of energy and love to play games, which is why many adults are now turning towards a more child-friendly way to work out. The hula hoop is something everyone tried to master as a child, and there was always one kid in the class who could spin 5 at the same time. You can now use this childhood toy to work out your abs, thighs, glutes and arms. If hula hooping isn’t your thing, bring out the skipping rope for a fun cardio session.

Pole Dancing

This isn’t just reserved for strip clubs, it can actually double up as an amazing full body workout, toning your whole body and training strength and flexibility in your joints. The classes are fun because you get to spin around, climb and have a laugh with friends whilst learning some supple and beautiful moves.

Dance Classes

Dance classes for adults are the perfect way to learn something fun, jump and prance around a room to the music and to meet some new people. You may even find that you are great at dancing and want to compete!

Aerial Yoga

There are a ridiculous number of yoga variations, from dog yoga, beer yoga to laughing yoga. But this one may be the most fun yet. You’ll be able to play around on a giant hammock suspended off the ground and work out at the same time.


We aren’t talking about the massive 12ft ones you get in the back garden, we are talking about mini trampolines which you can set up in your garden or in front of the TV. They are a great tool which allow you to perform high intensity workouts and really work those abs and legs. You can work out to the music or watch a movie as you jump and get that heart rate moving.


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