Does Looking Young And Beautiful Have To Cost A Fortune?

“How does she do it?” You hear it in hushed tones when a woman walks past, exuding beauty and confidence with every stride. She’s a little older than you and your friends, but you wouldn’t know it. If anything, she even looks younger. She looks gorgeous, and she’s glowing from head to toe. There’s a twinkle in here eye and a glint in her smile. She has the kind of ageless beauty that you usually only see in Hollywood. “How does she look so young?” in an era where we’re so obsessed with sipping whatever drops we can from the fountain of youth, it’s astonishing (and a little upsetting) when a woman appears so immune to the aging process. “She must have had some work done,” one girl says, cynicism twisting her features “nobody looks that good naturally”. “Nah,” another girl shakes her head “She just has that super expensive lotion, I saw it when I went shopping the other day, it’s supposed to make you look 10 years younger.”. “Maybe it’s just good genetics”, you counter, but you can’t help but feel yourself wilt a little inside. It’s not fair that she should be able to walk through life looking so flawless. How come she’s able to look so great and make it look so effortless. If only you were making what she’s pulling down. If you could have a fortune to spend, you could look that good. You could get a little botox, maybe a nip and tuck here and there. Oh, and a personal trainer to help you to get into the same great shape as her. One of those wraps that’s supposed to get rid of cellulite could be cool too. Oh, and while you’re at it, you’d be able to spend a fortune on the right cleansers, toners and anti aging moisturizers so that you skin has the same youthful and healthy glow as hers.

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If only. If only.

Compared to her, you feel like you look ancient. Your friends might as well call McKnight Place right now to see if they have a space for you. Maybe you should learn to play checkers and take up chair yoga. There’s no way you could look that ageless and effortlessly stunning on your income. Beauty of that caliber is surely the sole preserve of the wealthy, right?

Well… not necessarily!   

As tempting as it is to assume that there’s a product like a pill or a cream or even a procedure that can delay or even reverse the signs of aging, the simple fact is that you could spend a fortune on anti aging products and never look a single day younger. Like anything else worth having, a youthful appearance with beautiful skin and a shapely body comes from lots of hard work and diligently looking after yourself. While a good skincare routine is instrumental to looking young, healthy and gorgeous, it’s not about how much you spend… It’s about how well informed you are. Here we’ll look at some ways in which you can make yourself younger and more gorgeous than ever without spending a fortune. If you’re prepared to put the effort in and ditch the bad habits that can accelerate the aging process, you’ll be astonished at how little it costs to help yourself to look young and beautiful.


Could you be wasting your money?

In a capitalist society, we’re conditioned to think that whenever we have a problem, from a leaky faucet to older looking skin that we need to throw money at a solution. But just as that leaky tap can be fixed without calling a plumber, so too can we help ourselves to look (and feel) young and glamorous, even as we advance in years without spending a lot of money.

A consumer report study by CBS news revealed that a lot of expensive anti wrinkle creams actually do very little to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while expensive body scrubs can actually accelerate the aging process. They’re pretty sucky for the environment too, especially if they contain microbeads. Stop spending money on expensive anti-aging cosmetics and take a good look at your lifestyle. Here are some ways in which anyone can look younger without spending money on expensive products. If you’ve ever wanted to know how coconuts can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and how onions can help to give you thicker, glossier hair read on…


Cut out alcohol (inside and outside the body)

Most of us know that alcohol dries and deadens the skin, but we still buy skin creams and perfumes that contain alcoholic compounds. Alcohol is one of the most aggressive compounds to destroy your skin and giving up using it externally and internally can have a range of health benefits but among them is younger looking and feeling skin.

Giving up alcohol (or at the very least cutting down substantially) will help your skin to retain the fluids that it needs to stay plump, firm and youthful while also facilitating collagen production. Excessive alcohol consumption also prevents your body from producing vitamin A which most girls know is vitally important for the production of healthy new skin cells that will stop our skin from getting that dead, ashen look. It also helps to prevent the inflammation that leaves your skin red, blotchy and uneven.

Simply put, you can’t be a heavy drinker and have youthful skin.

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Load up on superfoods

Diet is everything! No matter what your health and fitness or body and beauty goals, you can never achieve them on a diet of fatty, salty or sugary convenience foods. The good news is that loading up on the foods that will help you to look and feel younger is easy and super cheap.

First, ditch the ready meals, packaged sandwiches, frozen pizzas and especially anything that contains processed meat products. Not only are products like bacon, pepperoni, salami and pastrami high in sodium (which can lead to dry or cracked skin as well as dark circles around your eyes) they’re also listed by the World Health Organization as type 1 carcinogens. That’s the same category as cigarettes.

Instead, fill your refrigerator with superfoods that can help to halt or even reverse the aging process. More and more people are finding that adopting a whole foods, plant based diet not only helps them look and feel younger but actually helps them live longer. Even if you don’t want to go full vegan, you still need more of these foods in your life;


  • Tomatoes- Every day your skin experiences damage from the UV rays of the sun (even if it’s not a sunny day. Tomatoes are rich in the antioxidant lycopene which can help to reverse this damage.
  • Nuts and seeds- These are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and without the saturated fats you’ll find in other omega 3 sources like eggs. Loading up on these will help your skin to retain moisture keeping it full and firm.
  • Green leafy veggies– These are rich in chlorophyll which gives plants (including veggies) their vivid colors. Don’t worry, you won’t turn green, but you will notice firmer, clearer skin due to the increased flow of oxygen and nutrients to your skin.
  • Carrots and sweet potatoes– As well as being a great source of fiber and complex carbohydrates these little guys are also great sources of beta carotene which is closely linked to your body’s production of vitamin A.
  • Citrus fruits- These contain the same alpha-hydroxy acids used in expensive anti-aging creams (and are a whole lot tastier).

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Get crazy about coconut

Forget expensive lotions, coconut oil is a natural solution for younger looking skin. Most of us use coconut oil for cooking as it’s a great source of healthy fats but few of us are as aware of its antibacterial and antifungal qualities as well as its ability to effectively moisturize your skin. As well as keeping your skin feeling soft, well nourished and smooth on your face and body it can even accelerate healing of cuts and burns. It’s nature’s little miracle and it’s oh so cheap!


Younger looking hair

While the cut and style of your hair can make you look younger, nothing says youth like a head full of glossy, healthy hair. Coconut oil can help here too (it’s great as a leave-in conditioner) but onion juices have also been used for centuries to aid thinning locks. They can be used to create a nourishing masque for your hair while eating lots of onions has a range of health benefits as their phytochemicals help to eliminate damaging free radicals.


Get up and get active

No matter how much you nourish yourself, you’ll never unlock your full anti-aging potential without an active lifestyle. A combination of cardiovascular exercise and weight training is proven to help you look and feel younger. Lifting weights is proven to help aid bone density while strengthening the muscle tissue around joints to help reduce the wear and inflammation that lead to stiffness. Hitting the treadmill or even just taking yourself for a brisk walk every day will also increase your heart health, aid circulation (which will help to keep that skin youthful and glowing) and keep off that body fat to give you that elusive slim and youthful figure that can knock years off of you.

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