What You Don’t Know About GlitteryGlossy: The Emancipation Of ˈJu ˈJu



“Emancipation Of ˈJu ˈJu” Get it? No? Screw you man.

I see nothing wrong with sharing this, it might help someone. And if I help one person, I’ve done my job.

Warning, it gets a tad graphic.

So hello, my name is Aprill, I’m 30 years old, mother of 5 children, obese, and my uterus is crapping out on me. I suspect my problems started back in 2006. Pickles was one at that time, and one day, after having many normal cycles, mine just stopped.

Poof! #byebitch from July 2006 until November 2006. I attributed it to stress. I remember going to the ER once because I was concerned, and a doctor basically said I was fat, and I needed to take birth control. Ignorant and offended, we (my husband and I), left the ER and went home. Around November, I started having a normal cycle again.  From 2006 until now, my bleeding has been all over the place. Sometimes the bleeding would be so heavy it was unbearable. Sometimes I would spot dark brown. That of course, didn’t stop me from having two more babies. After giving birth to Chum (the last baby, 2010), my cycle disappeared again.  For an entire year, I didn’t see a period. Not one spot of blood. After taking plenty of failed pregnancy tests, I dismissed the fact that something more serious could be going on, and continued living my life. Around May of 2012, my period came back (yay?) and it was completely normal. June, July, August, September, October, November…. all normal, right on time like God.

December came, and so did my period, and it never left.  I ignored the signs, after a month of bleeding non stop, I shoulda went to a doctor.  But like a negligent fool, I did not. I continued to suffer until March, when my husband had enough.

So I go to a primary care physician. She tests me for thyroid issues, and there were none. She did a pap smear and everything came back normal, but the bleeding was present and obvious. I get an ultrasound. My uterus is abnormally thick (normal lining is a 6 mine was a 17?).  So she says to me “I’m going to refer you to a OB specialist because I think you need a biopsy.” A biopsy? Me? I’m 29 years old, there’s no way in hell I have cancer. My mother in law just died in November from what we suspect was liver cancer. My husband was devastated. I cant do this to him again. And leave him with 5 kids? No fucking way.

I leave the doctor scared, confused, and anxious to go to the OB Specialist that she referred. March is over, April has passed, and May is on it’s way out the door. I havent been contacted for a referral. Meanwhile, I’m still bleeding. I call the primary physician. Her receptionist answers the phone and says that there’s a delay because the OB that I was supposed to see, has more than a few family members that are graduating from high school and college (WTF?). She told me it would be a few more weeks.

Fuck this, I’ll find my own damn doctor.

First appointment I get a biopsy and a pap smear. I come back one week later, he tells me that I have simple endometrial hyperplasia without atypia.  He schedules me for a hysteroscopy, and a D&C, which I get done.  It was done as an outpatient surgery and I checked in at 5am and checked out about 1pm. I got home and I had little to no pain. My vagina was the biggest thing in pain honestly (Felt like I had been fisted with the long and wide hand of the law).  So after a few months, he wanted to talk to me again.

…Simple went to complex

…Without atypia went to with atypia.

Things were not getting better, they were getting worse. Another nine months and I would have Stage 1 endometrial cancer. We could keep playing around with depo shots or, I could just get a hysterectomy.

So I’ve signed my uterus on the dotted line. It’s time for a vacation. On October 10, 2013 (I say that like it’s some kind of PPV event), I will get a complete hysterectomy.

I’m scared. Two of my most important friends, have left me. I have other friends, but on the totem pole of friends, they were up very high. I feel alone, because quite frankly, my mom still has all her goodies, she cant relate. Richard is Richard… he cant relate. Everyone else is so far away…..

I’ve been getting some support. I do have one friend that’s had it done, and she referred me to a forum called HysterSisters. I just joined that today.

I’m depressed. I was given a huge dose of depo. I’m not bleeding anymore (yay?). The headaches are terrible. The depression is a bitch. The joint pain makes me want to jump off a cliff. I’m not irritable. I’m just sad.

I feel….useless. I’m 30 years old and my uterus is crapping out on me. I feel like I am too young to go through this. I ask God what did I do to deserve this.

Why am I sharing this? I just want anyone reading to take a page from my book and make it powerful. Don’t ignore the signs.  This is your life, not the doctor’s. You have to make you a priority, even when they will not.

Until my next update.


More about Aprill

Aprill Coleman is an award-winning beauty, lifestyle and wellness blogger and freelance writer based in Jackson, Mississippi.

12 thoughts on “What You Don’t Know About GlitteryGlossy: The Emancipation Of ˈJu ˈJu

  1. Beyond Beauty Lounge

    So many women have issues with their bodies, and suffer in silence, or with bad doctors. It’s important that we listen to our bodies. I suffer with fibroids and I have many friends that have had issues and faced this same difficult decision. A few that have gone ahead and had the hysterectomy never being able to have children first. Thoughts and prayers are with you for a safe surgery and a speedy recovery.


  2. SW

    *hugs* I have a slightly similar story in which I ignored several “obvious” signs something was wrong and was dismissed by at least 2 different doctors. Ultimately I learned I had a uterine fibroid that had amassed to the size of a grapefruit and my only option was surgery. At age 26(?!) I underwent a myomectomy and like you, I was scared and depressed.

    Pre-surgery I had to sign paperwork giving consent that depending on how the procedure went, the doctors may have to give me a full hysterectomy. I don’t have children so when he said that I felt like I got the wind knocked out of me. Luckily, that wasn’t necessary but my own doctor pressed that I start having kids asap in the event the fibroids come back (I’m 28 now and single so womp -_-) All this to say, the female body is a tricky bitch and please don’t ever feel useless.

    I’m in “tip top shape” per doctors and my uterus started acting the fool in my 20’s. In most cases it’s out of our control and there’s nothing you really could have done differently to prevent these things. good luck on your surgery and have a speedy recovery! keeping you in my thoughts <3



  3. Bee

    Thank you x infinity for sharing your story. I was diagnosed with precancerous cervical dysplasia last year, and underwent surgery on my 29th birthday – I never ever wanted to hear the word “cancer” associated with myself, especially at that age – but as we all know, cancer doesn’t give a fck. I hope that through joining your group and by sharing your story, you’ll find the community and support that you need. Kudos to you for taking your health and life in your own hands – I’ll be thinking of you from now til Oct. 10th and beyond 🙂


  4. Gouldylox

    Oh Aprill. I’m so sorry this is happening to you. I’ve had two friends go through it and both are ok on the other side of surgery and happy it was done. You’ve done nothing wrong. I hope sharing your story has given you some peace and will give others the courage to face what’s around the corner and the comfort in knowing they are not alone. XOXO


  5. A Girl's Gotta Spa!

    I’m so sorry Aprill. 🙁 xx


  6. Heather ツ

    Wow thanks for sharing Aprill.

    After reading, the first thing that struck me (and don’t take this as me undermining your illness in ANY way) was when you said “I ask God what did I do to deserve this” but I thought to myself how fortunate you are, that you were able to have FIVE children. Maybe it’s easier for someone not in your situation, to see the glass half-full, I’m not sure.

    It goes without saying that you’re scared, depressed, sad and many more emotions beyond your control – afterall, this is your “womanhood”. Our family went through the rollercoaster of emotions with my Mother when she had a hysterectomy in her mid 30s – she recovered well and those feelings and emotions dissipated shortly after surgery.

    I hope you take strength and encouragement from sharing your story and others sharing theirs with you. I’m sure your surgery will be successful and confident that it will make a change for the better in your life.


  7. Cosmetics Aficionado

    I wish you the best with your surgery, and think you are a wonderful woman for sharing this so that it might help other women.


  8. Joanna

    Thank you so much for sharing! You have indeed help one or many of us just by this post. Thank you for the knowledge. I shall keep you in my prayers. xx


  9. Shanta_C

    Thank you for sharing, Aprill. You and your family are going to be in my thoughts. I hope the surgery goes well and wish you a speedy recovery.


  10. Married2Makeup

    April as usual you had me laughing but only because I see so much of me in you! we all often neglect ourselves or issues we might have because we are afraid to deal with them, don’t think anything is really wrong and brush it off, or we simply don’t know HOW to deal with them. I’m glad your husband spoke up and you took matters into your own hands. I’ve had a few of the issues you’ve described and I will be contacting my physician tomorrow. Thank you so much for sharing your story and keeping us informed. Don’t be sad its what’s best for you and your family to keep you around as long as possible so look at it that way its a great thing that you found out before it was worse. If you need to talk although we aren’t close I’m here! Smooches Boo!!


  11. Robyn@PurelyCosmetics

    1. I hate that you only send email updates once a week, so here I am commenting DAYS after your post.
    2.Although I still have all my original parts, I can empathize with you. My plumbing broke almost 15 years ago, and I was depressed for quite awhile because I somehow was no longer “a woman”. Mind you, I had no desire for more kids, so logically it shouldn’t matter whether or not I was in menopause, but it did. A lot.
    3. I can’t give you a physical hug, but I can send virtual ones. Sometimes that isn’t enough, and I suspect this is probably one of those times. Believe it or not, I’m actually crying while typing this because i feel bad for you that you feel so alone.
    4. I’m gonna do my best to make you laugh because that’s the best medicine of all.


  12. MilaXX

    Interesting. I had a similar tale. Irregular periods, 2 periods in a month, petriods not ending, including a record breaking 91 days stratified bleeding. I used overnight pads & instead cups to keep from staining my clothes. On a few occasions I still managed to overflow that. Huge clots would spurt out and just wreck everything. I was put on birth control then another med to regulate my cycle. I was told the only thing that might help was pregnancy & child birth. So shortly after my 41rst bday I called the doctor. I needed to refill the med I was taking to regulate things. Doctor wanted to do a full exam first. I saw the doctor, then went on vacation the next day. 2 weeks later I’m home & doctor calls me into the office & tells me I have Endometrial anacarcenoma – cancer. At 41 I had a radical hysterectomy: uterus, ovaries, lymph nodes and Fallopian tubes. Biopsy sad little past stage 1, not quite stage 2. It’s a slow going, painless cancer. It would only be detected by regular Pap smears. I’m fine. Premature menopause isn’t fun but being alive is.


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