Don’t Let Chafing Stop You From Running!

A lot of people who enjoy running read articles from this blog every single day, and so it makes sense to cover all aspects of the activity, even some of the ones most folks don’t like to mention. With that in mind, this article is going to provide some excellent advice on the topic of chafing. It’s something that most runners will experience at some point, and it can stop individuals from keeping up with their routine. In many instances, chafing occurs on the inner thighs when material rubs against the skin. There are lots of techniques anyone can employ to limit the chances of that happening in the future. So, read this article carefully!



Moisturize the area and grease before running


Those who want to prevent chafing as much as possible should take the time to identify and invest in the best non-fragranced body moisturizers on the market. Of course, depending on the individual’s skin type, some products will work better than others. So, it’s just a case of asking the staff at a local beauty store for some advice or employing the trial and error method. There are also lots of specialist anti-chafing creams that tend to produce the desired results. Some of the most popular ones include:


  • Rocket Pure Balm
  • Akileine Sports NOK
  • Gold Bond Friction Defense
  • And much more


Runners also need to get in the habit of greasing the affected area before they head out onto the streets or track. With a bit of luck, that process will make it easier for materials to slide over the inner thighs without causing any damage to the skin. Any brand of body grease should work well, and again, that’s available from most beauty and sports stores. That said, some people feel more comfortable when purchasing it online. So, just do whatever works for you!



Protect the legs and the inner thighs


Sometimes it’s not only the materials that can rub and create chafing. Many people find their legs rubbing together has the same effect. For that reason, runners need to make sure they protect their limbs accordingly. That means jogging around in loose clothing is a terrible idea, but failing to cover the thighs is just as bad. In most situations, individuals would benefit from wearing workout leggings or something similar because they offer a close fit. Also, the material is silky smooth, and that should mean the legs can rub together without causing any problems.


A few experts also recommend that runners steer clear of cotton as much as possible. However, it would seem that some folks have a worse reaction to that material than others. So, there is no need to take that advice if cotton hasn’t proven to be a problem in the past. Lots of retailers sell workout leggings, and so people just need to shop around until they find something suitable.



Wash and treat any chafing straight away


Chafing will sometimes happen regardless of how many precautions runners take. Considering that, it’s vital that everyone learns how to handle the sensitive areas to ensure they heal as quickly as possible. Firstly, everyone needs to buy some antibacterial soap or discover home remedies. It’s wise to hold the showerhead over the affected area for around ten minutes to ensure it’s as clean as it can be. Then, use the antibacterial soap to remove any unwanted bacteria and ensure the injury doesn’t get infected.

An ointment such as Desitin or Zinc Oxide Cream tends to help some runners. Just be sure to apply it by padding rather than wiping or rubbing if the area is inflamed. The last thing anyone wants to do is irritate the skin more than is necessary. To avoid making the situation any worse, individuals should then refrain from running for at least a couple of days to give their bodies time to heal. Those who head straight back out onto the track will only cause themselves more pain and discomfort.

That information should help readers to follow the correct practices the next time they suffer from chafing. While this is a sensitive subject for some people, it’s important to remain honest and open because lots of runners struggle with that problem. Now everyone knows the correct methods to follow; there should be less need for embarrassment. Just remember the tips published on this page and take the advice if you want to make sure chafing doesn’t get in the way of your exercise routine or hobby too often. Other bloggers might not feel confident delving into that topic, but it’s something that affects almost everyone, and that’s why it’s here.

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