Don’t Let the Heat Kill Your Hair

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There is no denying that heat styling tools like hair dryers, straighteners and curlers are fantastic for taming unruly hair and giving you that perfect style, but too much heat can also cause your hair to become fried and frizzy and can even cause it to break off, which means using them requires a fine balance.

Here are some simple tips to keep your hair safe and minimize any damage that you could potentially cause it by using heated tools:

Only Use straighteners in Dry Hair

Yes, you can get wet to straight straighteners, which promise to cut out the drying time and immediately straighten your hair from wet, and yes they do work in that respect, but you probably shouldn’t use them. You see, when your hair is wet, it is at its weakest. That’s why you shouldn’t brush wet hair let alone apply heat to it! If you must apply heat to your hair when it’s wet, you should only blow dry it on a low setting and then, when it is dry, use the straighteners or iron.

Set a Lower Temperature

If you’re using the highest temperature on your straighteners or blow dryer, you probably shouldn’t be, not all the time anyway, only when you really need to for a very specific reason. It’s simple really, the lower the temperature you can get away with using, the less damage will be done to your hair and the less likely you are your hair are to get burned.

Invest in the Best Tools

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You by no means need to break the bank on good heat styling tools, as you can see by looking at the Hair Straightener Studio, but you should try to at least invest in the best quality you can afford. Buying a set of straighteners that features high-quality plates and hairdryers and curlers that have multiple heat settings instead of just the one, as well as various nozzles and diffusers, where applicable, will be much better for your hair, as they will distribute heat more evenly at a lower temperature.

Use Protection

Ideally, you should never let a heat styling tool touch your hair until you have applied a heat protection product, like this spray from Ulta. These products typically contain silicone, which coats the hair, so that the majority of the heat never really touches it as such, but the product instead. This means you can get the style you desire without frazzling your hair!

Air Dry Whenever Possible

If you can, then it is better to let your hair dry naturally as often as possible. This is much healthier for your hair and will give it time to recover between heat stylings. I know it isn’t always practical, but if you just try to air dry whenever you aren’t in a hurry, it really will make a difference to the health of your hair when you do apply the heat.

Follow these simple rules and your beautiful sleek hair will remain sleek, beautiful and frizz-free even when you apply the heat.

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