Don’t Sweat It: Dealing with Perspiration

Unfortunately, it is just a fact of life that some of us get sweatier than others. And this is an issue that is a source of shame for the people who suffer the most.

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If you are one of these people, there are some helpful remedies that can help you overcome your issue. Of course, if the issue is due to some underlying causes like a medical condition or drug side effect, you will need to consult your physician. In this article, we will just talk about the quick and simple fixes that you can try.


Use Higher-Strength Deodorants

The first and most obvious way of stopping you sweating is by switching to a higher-strength deodorant or antiperspirant. While some are only available with a prescription, others can be bought over the counter. And it is also worth applying them at the best time. They tend to work best at night as this morning is a time when sweat volume is generally higher and it is more likely to wash off.


Exercise the Right Way

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When you are exercising, this is obviously a time when you tend to sweat more. You can help to combat this by choosing fabrics that are lightweight and breathable such as cotton. Advances are always being made in sports clothing, and you can even get fabrics which actively wick away moisture. Only wear your exercise clothing once, even if you have only worn it for a short period of time. You can also use powders for your feet which are designed to keep moisture down.


Wear Breathable Clothing During the Day

If you don’t normally, check the labels before you buy clothing, now is the time to start. Ideally, you should be looking for clothing with a high cotton count. Pick your colours wisely as white tends to show up sweat more than darker colours. Try also wearing clothing with a looser weave.


Keep Yourself Cool at Night

To reduce your sweating at night time, pick bed linen which is made in more breathable fabrics. You should also go for sheets which as absorbent like plain cotton. It is generally easier to sleep when you are cooler, so there is another advantage here as well.


Avoid Hot Food

Another common trigger that leads to sweating is spicy food, so this is something you should avoid, particularly when the weather is hot or you are stuck inside a stuffy office.

Sweating is an issue that affects a whole range of people, but these are a few of the ways that you can tackle this head-on. As mentioned at the start, these are just ways of tackling the problem in general and you should speak to your doctor if this is an issue that has suddenly sprung up. In summary, it is all about using the right deodorant, wearing breathable clothing, and watching what you eat.






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