How my weekender bag became my everyday bag + the essentials



I partnered with Dove to give you this awesome post!

When I was invited to attend iRetreat a couple of years ago, I had my eyes set on this super cute weekender bag. Of course I bought it! I used it specifically for the trip, got home and stored it away in my closet. Fast forward two years later, and I’m now using it every chance I get.

How did I get here? It’s simple really. Motherhood. I haven’t had the opportunity to truly enjoy a handbag since 2000. That’s probably why I stick to handbags under 100 bucks. There was always ‘kid stuff’ in it, and I was running out of space. I went from storing diapers and pull-ups and baby wipes to now housing bubbles and balls and all kinds of stressful kid paraphernalia. Not to mention I have to carry around my writing essentials. Football and soccer practice means having assignments that cant be done in my office.

We wont even get started on trying to carry beauty essentials….

Dove Dry Spray

So what do I carry in my bag for myself? Of course I keep a makeup bag stashed with all the essentials- spray toner, SPF, lip gloss and perfume. It’s always handy to keep a pair of sunglasses on hand, it took me turning 26 to understand how important wearing sunglasses are. I keep a notebook to write down all my random thoughts, and a can of Dove Dry Spray Deodorant.

Because I am on the go 24/7, Dove Dry Spray keeps me covered with 48 hour odor and wetness protection and an instantly dry application that can help me zip through my morning routine. As an added bonus, Cleartone helps restore the skin under my armpits to it’s natural tone. There’s something magical about having armpits that are the same color as the rest of your body. Plus, as a sufferer of hidradenitis, applying Dove Dry Spray is a painless process. I keep this in my bag because yes, some times I run out of the house and forget to apply deodorant. Better safe than sorry!

Visit and #trydry for yourself!

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One thought on “How my weekender bag became my everyday bag + the essentials

  1. Shannon

    This looks like a good idea for my weekend bag. I’m glad you can say it really lasts. Previously my issue with Dove antiperspirant was that it didn’t keep up with me.


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