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Bras are a gift and a curse. On one hand (depending on who you ask), we need them to support our breasts for the sake of decency, on the other, if you are a fat girl, your vision of a good bra is skewed with barriers. A good bra for a fat girl means it’s stylish, provides phenomenal support, it’s comfortable, sold at major retailers, and is affordable. So basically a dream. I can get an affordable bra, but it’s not going to be comfortable. I can get stylish, but it’s going to cost at least $79.99. I can get comfortable, but it’s gonna be a sports bra. Thanks to Dreamfit, I can have it all, for under $15 bucks a bra. Not kidding.

Dreamfit is disrupting the plus-sized bra market by offering comfortable, stylish, affordable bras. Dreamfit features 5 key elements that make the perfect bra:

  1. Contour cups for superior breast shape and modesty
  2. Deep neckline without sacrificing coverage
  3. Wide bra straps to distribute weight evenly
  4. Center gore lies flat against the breastbone for comfort
  5. Band provides primary support

Dreamfit bras come in a wide assortment of designs, like deep plunge, back smoothing t-shirt, multi-way plunge, convertible balconette, stretch cotton plunge and feather light, to fit all your bra needs.

I visited Walmart to check out the selection. I decided to start with a bra that I would use in my day to day life, so I purchased the Stretch Cotton Plunge. It’s so comfortable and goes up to size 46DDD, so the selection is pretty good.

Isn’t my new bra the cutest!?

Visit Walmart and to purchase.

Visit the Dreamfit website for more information and enter for your chance to win 1 (of 4) $250 Walmart gift cards! Plus, 10 beautiful winners will win the bra of your choice!

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