Dry Skin Savior: Olie Biologique 005 Hulie Radicale

Olie Biologique 005 Hulie Radicale

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Olie Biologique 005 Hulie Radicale (yeah say that 5 times fast), is a dry skin savior. Olie Biologique actually just reformulated this oil to be an even more intensive radiance boosting treatment. I received a sample and wanted to share my thoughts on the product.

It’s a mix of Camelia Oil, Rosehip oil (also works great for fading scars), Blackcurrant seed oil, Evening Primrose Oil (great for eczema and acne), Vitamin E, Grapefruit Oil, Sandalwood, Rose Geranium oil and Rose Bulgar oil. This oil blend has 4 oils that are USDA certified organic.

Olie Biologique 005 Hulie Radicale (3)

Olie Biologique 005 Hulie Radicale (2)

How to use

Olie 005 is actually very versatile as most oils are. It can be used:

  • As a daily moisturizer- Use 3-4 drops and apply on your slightly damp face
  • As a facial massage oil- This is a great way to boost circulation, break down congestion and firm facial muscles. Massage upwards and outwards for a few minutes.
  • As an overnight facial treatment- So you can… yanno… ‘wake up like dis’ (with super soft plumped skin)
  • As a moisturizing boost in your foundation- Mix a drop or two in your foundation before applying for added moisture.
  • Nail and cuticle oil- It does not take a lot of oil to give your nails what they need, so when you are done massaging the oil into your face, use the leftovers for your cuticles!

How I used it

My skin is severely dry. You would like because I live in the South and it’s so humid here that I would be struggling with oily or sweaty skin but nope, it’s severely dry. Paired with the fact that I had a hysterectomy and that does not help either. So I used it two ways- as a moisturizer, and as a facial massage oil.

Thanks to the addition of Rosehip Oil, Olie 005 is non greasy and absorbs into the skin with ease. I found that my skin was instantly moisturized, instantly plumped, and felt soft and smooth. Of course I have not been using this a very long time, but this oil promises not only plumper, firmer skin, but it promises to brighten the skin, even pigmentation, and reverse skin damage. The power of oils!

Olie Biologique 005 Hulie Radicale retails for $68 for a 1 ounce bottle. You can also find the deluxe size (5ML) in the Power Trip Trio that contains the 005 Hulie Radicale, 004 Huile Moderne Hydrating Oil, and 006 Huile Claire Calming Face Oil for $35.

That’s also an awesome way to try before you buy. Added bonus- the deluxe size is refillable. I also talked to the good people at Olie and I was told this about how long  the travel size would last:


Yes, the person that runs their social media account on Twitter is superfriendly and SUPERHELPFUL! You can always ask them questions as well. Just follow @OlieOrganicOils

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