Easy, Peasy Ways To Get Yourself In Shape While Having Fun!

If the idea of going to the gym, signing up for a dance class or going to a body boot camp brings you out in a cold sweat then you aren’t alone. Less than half of us actually enjoy structured exercise, even dedicated gym goers have compared their love / hate battle with the treadmill as being a hamster on a wheel!

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Hiking is great fun either with friends or on your own, not only are you getting out into the fresh air but you’re also able to take some time out to just chill and listen to music. You’ll also not be thinking about how many steps you’re taking while catching up on gossip, planning a trip abroad or staring at the gorgeous scenery. If you find that you’re getting into hiking then why not join a hiking club? Fellow enthusiasts meet each week, the level of the hikes can vary, and they encourage, support and help each other along the route as well as enjoying a well-earned lunch afterward. If hiking sounds a bit too, well, strenuous there’s always walking. Even a fifteen-minute quick walk at lunchtime will help you burn some calories as well getting you away from your desk. If you’ve got a client meeting scheduled why not ask them to join you? Walking meetings are becoming increasingly popular and were one of the late Steve Jobs’s favorite ways to conduct business.



Find that you’re always the last one left on the floor on Saturday nights? Then a dance class might be the perfect way for you to get healthy while enjoying yourself. Don’t just stick to twerking or whatever the cool kids are doing these days! Why not try ballroom? Swing? Salsa? Or Ballet as you’ll be surprised just how awesome these are, not to mention the sheer amount of energy it’ll take to get through a barre routine. You may be feeling tired after class so give yourself an extra boost of energy by taking a multivitamin supplement, or if you’re struggling to shift some stubborn pounds you could try a diet supplement designed especially for women like products at Royal21Queen.com. Dance is also one of those hobbies, unlike cross training, that you can practice at home – even while you’re cleaning. Yep! Doing housework uses muscles too so get washing those floors, hoovering the carpet or lifting loads of laundry and you’ll be sliding into these beauties from http://us.topshop.com in no time



The next time one of your friends asks you to meet up for coffee, or lunch why not try to do something more active afterward? Go for a quick sunset jog? Play a game of frisbee in the park? Try a yoga class? Take the kids swimming? Or go for an afternoon bike ride. Just because you’re seeing other people doesn’t mean that you need to sit still while chatting. So if you and your best friend adore modern art, take yourselves to a gallery, sign up for a walking city art tour or grab your cameras and go on a photo safari of your own!


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