Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Go-To Looks

You could buy all the new clothes in the world, but the chances are that you’ll still revert to those go-to looks you love. We all have that pair of jeans or comfy jumper we love or the LBD we dust off whenever a fancy occasion comes around. There’s nothing wrong with having staple items in your closet, but it’s always fun to be experimental with fashion. The good news is that you don’t have to replace clothing every season. There are some great ways to spruce up your prized pieces to breathe new life into your wardrobe and ensure you’re always on trend.


Mixing and matching

Fashion is an ever-changing entity, and you’ll find that every season, there’s a range of hot new looks in town. The brilliant thing about fashion is there’s no single trend you have to embrace. At any given time, there’s a host of styles and looks you can try, and mixing and matching old and new is a great way to stay chic without breaking the bank. Look at the colors hitting the headlines, play around with prints, and take elements of the catwalk trends you love and combine them to make a new, unique outfit.

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Accessorizing is one of the best ways to switch up your look without spending a fortune or bidding farewell to pieces you treasure. You can produce completely different outfits and styles by using different accessories with the same basic outfit. Consider a pair of slim-fit black jeans and a white blouse, for example. For an understated, cool daytime look, you can add a leather backpack, leopard print loafers and a floppy felt fedora. For a glamorous evening look, swap your rucksack for a clutch, add some chic stilettos and finish the look with a part of statement glasses from Caviar eyewear. Look for accessories that are making waves in the fashion sections of magazines and those featured in online blogs. Hats, scarves and oversized bags are always a hit in the cooler months, while shades and stacked jewelry are popular in the summer.

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Hair and makeup

Changing your look isn’t just about buying new clothes or putting outfits together in a different way. Trying out new hairstyles and beauty looks can also help you to be a style chameleon. If you’ve had the same haircut or color for as long as you can remember or you always use the same makeup products, why not try something new? A sophisticated up-do teamed with a bright red lip will set your LBD off in a completely different way to relaxed waves and dewy skin.

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We all have pieces of clothing and looks we turn to on a regular basis. There’s nothing wrong with having go-to looks in the bank, but try and have fun with fashion and don’t be afraid of new styles and trends. This season, why not up the ante with some new accessories, a different hairstyle or a couple of new statement pieces to complement your old favorites?

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