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With summer here, the chances are we will be bearing more flesh as the temperatures soar, which will leave some of us feeling uncomfortable. After months of being wrapped up in many layers, our skin might not be looking at it’s best. The same goes for our nails too; has the winter and spring made them feel a little dry and brittle? Having glowing skin and healthy nails can help you to look and feel at your best, especially during the summer. Some of it will be down to a beauty regime, but some of it will be down to what we eat. We are what we eat after all, right?


So here are some of the best foods that we should be eating in the coming months, to make sure that we have the best-looking skin and nails possible.





Protein is what our skin, hair, and nails are mostly made up of. So it makes sense that we would need plenty of protein to help repair them and keep them looking good. It can help our skin to repair, as well as keep it’s elasticity and strength. A lot of us will get our protein from meat and fish, but you can find it in many other sources too. Grains like quinoa are full of protein, as well as things like chia seeds, pulses, and beans. You do need to be careful not to eat more protein than your body needs, though, as your body will just store it as fat.


Calcium and Vitamins


Our body needs plenty of vitamins and minerals to be healthy, but we need to make sure that we are giving out bodies the right ones to be healthy. If you find that you get white spots on your nails, for instance, it could be due to a lack of calcium, and you might want to look up how to get rid of white spots on nails from, for example. But as well as making sure we get enough calcium from our foods, we need to have plenty of vitamins too. Vitamin A and vitamin C are the most important ones for our skin and nails. Vitamin C is used for collegen production, as well as helping to ward against antioxidants. Vitamin A can be used to treat things like acne in your skin, as well as helping improve the overall look of your skin and nails. So have plenty of citrus fruits, kiwi, carrots, dairy products, and leafy green vegetables.




If you feel like you’re quite tired a lot of the time, and your skin and nails are looking rough, then you could have a lack of iron in your body. Hair, nails, and skin can really suffer from a lack of iron. Skin could become quite itchy and rather pale, as well as your nails becoming brittle. Meat, legumes, and whole grains are some of the best ways to get plenty of iron into your body. So make sure you’re getting a real mix of foods on your plate.

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