Ecocentric Mom July/August Mom Discovery Box Review, Photos



Disclosure: This review contains press samples

The Ecocentric Mom Discovery Box features eco-friendly, sustainable products fit for just about any mother, no matter what her stage of motherhood. Check out more details of everything in the box below:




1. Before The Flow/After The Flow Herbal Supplement from BIORAY ($58)- BIORAY is a Natural Detox Company that makes liquid herbal supplement for adults and children. Before The Flow/After The Flow is a supplement that soothes and supports a woman’s body before and after her menstrual cycle. I didn’t waste much time with this product, because well, I had a hysterectomy. But for thee record, it contains a lot of good herbal supplements that you just drop in your water, juice, or tea.

2. Lauren Brooke Cream Foundation ($1.40 for travel size, $27 for full size)- This is an all natural foundation that contains SPF 28, argan oil, and extracts of green tea, passionflower and raspberry. Check out the swatches. The ingredients peaked my interest in the brand, but after checking the site for the shade range, it’s not brown girl friendly.

3. Savannah Red Lip Balm ($2.99)- This lip balm provides ultimate moisture to keep your lips soft and supple all day long. It comes in a wide range of scents.

4.Spices And Tea From The Natural Suburban Prices Vary- Confession: I’ve never had tea like this! I buy the tea that comes pre made in the little baggies, so this was a very fresh surprise! The Natural Suburban makes handcrafted all organic spice blends and herbal teas.

4. Aromaflage Botanical Fragrance And Insect Repellent (Prices Vary)- It’s a fragrance with a function! This fragrance is very warm, tropical and relaxing. Add vitamin E for nourishing and you have the best fragrance for repelling bugs and smelling great. This fragrance works for outdoor activities like weddings, rooftop parties and sports events. It’s West Nile season in Mississippi. I did try this out and I didn’t get hit with one mosquito. I call that a fragrant win!

5. Yogavive Apple Chips ($4.49)- Yogavive Apple Chips are made from USDA certified organic Fuji apples. They are oven baked and then popped to give you a 100% fat free snack with full apple flavor. Yummy!

6. Body Beans Dietary Supplement (Prices Vary)- Did you know some of your supplements are full of chemical compounds? Neither did i! Body beans give you all the vitamins and minerals you need without the synthetic chemicals. You get four formulas in one daily pouch to give you everything your body needs to make it through the day.

7. Personalized Cards And Stationary from eInvite ($0.96 per card)- creates invitations, announcements, gifts and personalized stationary.

Products included in the box but not on the card:

  • Comfrey Cream Healing Salve
  • Arnicare Gel
  • A Place Of Healing Organic GoodNight Balm (totally using this tonight)

Plus almost every product on the description card came with special discount codes:

  • Before the Flow: Discount code- ecocentricmom for $10 off BTF or ATF (ends 12/31/14)
  • Lauren Brooke: none
  • Savanna Red: Discount code- 7228030 20% off discount (expired)
  • The Natural Suburban: Discount code- EM56968772537 20% off (ends 9/30/14)
  • Aromaflage: none
  • Yogavive: none
  • Body Beans: Discount code- ECOMOM (expired)
  • eInvite: Discount code- ECOCENTRICMOM20 20% off (ends 9/30/14)

The Ecocentric Mom box retails for $24-$50+ and it comes to your doorstep every other month. There is also a Pregnancy Box, and Mom and Baby Box.










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