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How are you feeling today? Firty? Chill? Playful? In need of an Escape? Maybe you are thinking about a vacation? Whatever your mood may be, Lifetherapy has a scent to compliment your mood, or completely transform it. I got the chance to review a few the Hand & Body Wash and Hydrating Body Lotion in all the available scents.

Lifetherapy Hand And Body Wash $24

Lifetherapy Hand And Body Wash contains glycerin to maintain moisture and softness (perfect for summer), Vitamin E to improve texture and tone and Sodium PCA, another humectant. This hand and body wash suds with ease and rinses clean.

Lifetherapy Hydrating Body Lotion $24

Lifetherapy Hydrating Body Lotion contains organic shea butter to help skin maintain moisture and elasticity, sunflower seed oil to retain moisture and Almond Oil to protect the skin from sun damage and soften skin. The body lotion applies sheer and dries fast. Moisture was not maintained all day, especially my hands. I had to reapply halfway through the day.



Flirt is an innocent and playful scent with notes of coconut, rose, muget and bergamot.



Chill is peaceful scent with notes of calming rose, citrus, amber and vanilla.



Play is a bright and youthful scent with notes of orange, grass and peach skin.



Escape is a clean scent with notes of pineapple, musk, gardenia and palm bark



Vacation is a warm and sexy scent with notes of Polynesian coconut, white orchid, warm sugar and sandalwood.

My favorite scent out of the entire line up is Chill. Chill reminds me a lot of Juicy Couture Couture with the sharp notes of rose mixed with the gentle notes of vanilla.

The Lifetherapy collection contains hand and body wash, body lotion, body crème, body scrub, fragrance and pulse point oil. Shop Lifetherapy here.

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