Essence Sun Club All In One Bronzer Highlighter

Essence Sun Club (4)

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Essence Sun Club features a soft powder texture in a super cute 3D embossed design. It comes in 2 shades: Blondes, for lighter skin tones, and Brunettes, for darker skin tones.  I almost had hope that this was going to be a nice shade for WOC, but depending on your skin tone, it may not work for you. Keep reading for details.

Essence Sun Club is very versatile, you can use it on the eyes or the face. The highlighting side would make a very pretty color to wear as a wash over the lid.

The texture is very silky, the finish is satin. The highlighting portion is a beautiful blonde gold that will work as a highlighter on all skin tones. The bronzer portion is a light bronzy brown. Believe it or not, the bronzing side will not work well with darker skin tones. I tested it on my husband’s hand and you can see the shimmer, but there’s no sun kissed bronze aspect to it. As you can see below, it barely worked on me.  This will work well on medium/lighter skin tones.

Essence Sun Club All In One Bronzer Highlighter is available for $4.49. You can now pick these up at select Walgreens locations (I have a list, so if you want to know if one is in your area, just comment with what state you live in, and I will let you know).

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3 thoughts on “Essence Sun Club All In One Bronzer Highlighter

  1. Julie Pestka-Schardt

    Hello and happy Easter! Interested in where its available in. The sf Bay Area of Cali. 95126. Thanks.


    1. GlitteryGlossy

      Hi Julie, the nearest Walgreens to you is going to be 1795 E Capitol Expy
      San Jose, CA 95121. Also 440 Blossom Hill Rd 95123 🙂


      1. Julie Pestka-Schardt

        Thanks! Found them. Cheers to you – love your blog and twitter feed!


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