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Caring for your hair is either a necessary task or a fun and relaxing routine. How you feel about it depends on how you much you love your beauty regime in general, and how difficult you find your hair to manage. There are lots of different hair types, from dead straight to dead curly. But often it’s best to look at hair types by how dry or oily they are, instead of their texture or style. Once you know your hair type, it’s easier to use the right products to care for your hair as you need to.

Oily Hair

When your hair is oily, you can get fed up of doing just the everyday hair care tasks. It feels like you have to wash your hair much more than anyone else. If you don’t, it becomes limp and lifeless in only a day or two. Unfortunately, regularly shampooing  isn’t something you can just stop doing. But you can look for shampoos that are made just for oily hair, which will help to keep all that extra moisture under control.

You can also use natural remedies, by diluting acidic substances like lemon, vinegar and even beer! The acidic content helps to balance the pH of your hair. For example, dilute lemon juice, shampoo your hair and then use the diluted lemon to rinse. You can help your hair along by not playing with it too much – otherwise the oils on your hands and face could transfer to your hair. Don’t wash your hair with super hot water either, because that could produce more oil. And avoid using conditioner on the roots – you don’t need it.

Dry Hair

If you have dry hair, you’ll be happy to know that a glorious hot oil massage can help to bring your hair back to life. You’ll love the relaxing experience of the warm oil in your hair and having your head massaged – bliss! But if you can’t afford a hot oil treatment, use deep conditioners or leave in treatments. Lazy or impatient people with dry hair will be happy to know that they shouldn’t shampoo too often. So even if you might need to leave your conditioner to soak in, you can get away with skipping a wash now and then.

Avoid using hair straighteners or curlers, because the heat will dry your hair more (the hot oil is fine, because it’s a moist heat). For natural remedy lovers, you can make a hair mask out of mashed avocado, which has lots of natural oils in it. Some people with dry hair might experience hair loss, in which case you can use a treatment like Hair Essentials. You’ll find the best deal on Hair Essentials online.

Normal Hair

Everyone’s jealous of you! Your hair has a balanced pH, not too oily and not too dry. It’s not too common to have such perfect and shiny hair, but if you do you mostly just need to shampoo and condition frequently. Eating a balanced diet can help to keep your hair strong and glossy too.

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