Etsy Musings: Bitter Lace Beauty Magnetic Makeup Palettes


This is what happens when a hardcore beauty aficionado gets an idea.

I do not remember how I stumbled upon Bitter Lace Beauty. I am in so many makeup groups on Facebook, maybe someone recommended her? Maybe I was browsing Etsy as I normally do, just looking around to see what’s new. But whatever happened, I’m thankful for it.

Meet Bitter Lace Beauty.

It all starts with wooden trays that are cut, sanded smooth and glued. And now for the fun part she uses lots of different mediums to cover palettes such as paper, glitter and fabric. She also offers custom printing for those who are feeling really adventurous! Everything gets sealed for easy cleanup, no worries.

Her shop is not filled to the rim with ready to buy products because everything is custom. But one design caught my eye, a black Wonder Woman. I had to have it.

bitter lace

(yes, that’s my order top row, 3rd photo)

My order began March 22nd and was complete April 7. Shipping took 3 days and here she is!


I don’t own a huge assortment of pan shadows, just a few from Aveda that needed a good home (they have been in my stash for over two years in the little plastic clamshells).



The palette is magnetic on both sides which means yes, you can pop eyeshadows or blushes in on either side and close the palette securely. The wooden box is very sturdy and opens and closes with ease thanks to the hinges installed. The image is also double sided on the outside.

It felt great to order something from Etsy and deal with a vendor that has excellent communication, perfect craftsmanship and super fast shipping.

Palettes range in prices because she can make them any size you want (I saw some huge ones for $48) Contact BitterLaceBeauty on Etsy for more details.

More about Aprill

Aprill Coleman is an award-winning beauty, lifestyle and wellness blogger and freelance writer based in Jackson, Mississippi.

7 thoughts on “Etsy Musings: Bitter Lace Beauty Magnetic Makeup Palettes

  1. Anne S. - Betty's Beauty Bombs

    I FREAKING LOVE this packaging. I’m pretty sure you just cost me a bunch of money because obviously I need some of these!


  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    I adore the design that you chose. I don’t own any individual pan shades yet, but there are load from Makeup Geek I’d love. So I will remember these great bespoke magnetic palettes!


  3. Stephanie

    OH MY GOD April I LOVE this!!!


  4. marciaf

    I have pans waiting for a home. I would love a palette that was arty like this one. Going to check this out now.


  5. Collective Beauty

    This is such a cool idea!! I had never heard of this, thanks for sharing!


  6. Color Me So Crazy

    This is great! What a cute way to organize and store pans. I need these in my life! I love the one you chose.


  7. Nidia Doherty

    that is wonderfully geeky! love it! Great find.


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