Ever Wonder Why I Can’t Tell You How Long A Battery Operated Product Lasts?



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Talk about blogger honesty.

I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about something. Someone asked  a very interesting and relevant question about my Spa Sonic Review.

“How long do the batteries last?” To which I replied… “I don’t know”.

But wait don’t get mad at me! I have a very valid reason: I have children.


Some of you know, some of you don’t, and the rest of you don’t care but, I have five children. Three boys and two girls. The boys have a room and the girls have a room. In those rooms? A Nintendo Wii. Depending on what kind of controller they have, they take two different kinds of batteries: AA or AAA.  So in my bathroom are more than a few ‘not Clarisonic brushes’. I have the Olay Fresh Effects Va Va Vivid brush, and the Olay Pro X brush, and two Spa Sonic brushes.

So let’s say I buy a brush Friday. I will get to use it Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Monday I might go to use a brush and it’s empty. The batteries are gone! So I buy another pack and put in the brush, use it for a few more days and guess what? Those batteries are gone too! I literally can’t win!

It does not make me angry, it just confuses me. They could simply ask for some batteries, but I think that takes all the fun out of it. Besides, sometimes they are in the heat of a game, and batteries are dying, and the bathroom is right there, so they snatch the batteries and go. So if I walk in the bathroom and the batteries in one of my face brushes is gone? I just stand there in confusion, wash my face the old-fashioned way and walk away.  God forbid I put batteries in all the brushes. I wont even attempt to do that.

So there you have it, why I can’t tell you how long battery operated products last. My kids steal the batteries. I wish there was a way to recoup this loss on my W-2 form and write it off on my taxes. You know how much money I could get back during income tax season off battery write-off’s alone? RICH

The more you know.


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