Express Your Selfie: If You Can’t Beat Them? Join Them

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With the rise of social media and the ever growing trend of snapping a selfie it appears there is a little narcissist in all of us.  Whether you like it or not this is one phase that looks set to stay, so if you want to keep up with the kids it’s time to learn how to strike a pose and maximize your selfie potential.

Firstly, the angle is everything! No one looks look good from below, in fact, it’s the best way to maximize your chin and make your face look rounder.  So the most important thing to remember is to shoot from above.  This way your face will look slimmer, your eyes will look bigger and you won’t have to worry about the world seeing your double chin.

Lighting is your new best friend.  If your main light source is coming from behind then none of your features will shine.  The best setting is a warm, diffused light behind your camera, illuminating your face.  It’s going to help if your skin is in the best condition you can muster, get some tips on helping your skin glow here.  But you can buy a case for your phone which lights up your face, highlighting your features and making your eyes pop!

Getting the background right is also important.  No one wants to see a photo of you in your bedroom if you have dirty washing all over the place.  If you want your face to be the main feature then stand against a plain wall, even better get something incredible in the background.  These guys really cracked it so take a look and get inspired

If you aren’t falling in love with how you look there are hundreds of apps out there than can help you.  Snapchat Filters are great fun and can make you look like you are wearing makeup even when you haven’t got dressed all day. We just wish they had a real life filter for those early morning meetings.

Striking the right pose is actually an art.  Models have been doing this for years, remember Blue Steel? Posing for a selfie can be a disaster, though, the infamous ‘Duckface’ is popular amongst most young girls and then there is the standard ‘Surprise-face’ which is equally as unnatural and quite annoying.  Someone once said teeth and eyes make the photo but if you are confident about your smile then take the following advice from a team of professional models.  

Firstly, imagine you are looking at something far away on the horizon, you squint your eyes slightly to adjust to the sun.  Angle your head slightly to the side, open your mouth a tiny bit and then blow.  There, it’s that simple!

So, like it or not, the selfie is here to stay and at some point or another, you will be the center of one.  So follow our simple guide and you can be sure when your selfie moment comes, you’ll shine like a star.




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