Eyes Lips Face Beauty Book: 10 Piece Party Eyeshadow Palette


Ladies and gentlemen, I have found one of the best holiday beauty products. Eyes Lips Face Beauty Book 10 Piece Party Eyeshadow Palette has nine eyeshadow shades and one eyeliner to create fun eyeshadow looks.

This is one of those eyeshadow palettes that come with a ton of surprises. First of all? It’s $5. Second? The pigmentation on every single shade is phenomenal.

The shades have no names so I will categorize these by Row 1, Row 2, and Row 3, from top to bottom. The main goal of this post is to show you how well pigmented they are. I could bore you with how long they last but really. it’s 2013. You not wearing a primer? Of course you are!

I didn’t talk about the liner, cause the shadows was all I really cared about! WHOOPS!




How much is the ELF Beauty Book? $5. Check Walgreens for these, also I heard they are in CVS.





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