Eyeshadow How To: Where Is My Lid, Crease, And All That Stuff?

Eyeshadow map

I created this handy dandy map for the reader that has no idea that the eye was broken down into so many parts when it comes to applying eyeshadow.

If you read my post on guided palettes, then you will see that I am only going to cover the parts that are commonly used on a guided palette. These are the basic areas, not advanced like inner corner, outer corner, waterline, tightline etc.


This is normally where a light shade of eyeshadow is applied. Lid space varies from eye to eye so always be mindful. The lid ends at the crease, so when directions call for shadow to be applied to the lid, don’t go crazy.


The is normally where a deep or darker shade is applied to contour the eyeshadow look. Also be mindful of your crease space and don’t go all the way up to the browbone with your crease shade.

Above the crease

This is the area above the crease where sometimes the crease shade and browbone shade like to meet for brunch. That’s the best way I can describe it. Personally, I like to find a lighter version of my crease shade to place here and blend into the browbone.


The browbone is the space below the arch in your brow.  This is where a very light shade, most of the time different variances of white,silver, or gold  is placed to accentuate the brows.


The lashline, upper lashline, is the space right above your lashes. The lower lashline is under your lashes (but we are not discussing this today).  This is where your eyeliner, cakeliner, or a dark shade of eyeshadow is placed. One nice precise line will do!

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3 thoughts on “Eyeshadow How To: Where Is My Lid, Crease, And All That Stuff?

  1. MsK

    Ok, after I do all of this, how do I blend? That’s always my issue!


    1. GlitteryGlossy

      You have to find a nice soft brush and just sweep the color to blend it out. It’s not as hard as it seems. I’ll try to write something on this soon


      1. MsK

        Thank you so much!! I’ll be checking back for it.


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