Fall Shoe Must Haves For Moms (like me!) On The Go!

While all the fashionable women talk about what’s going to be the hottest high heel on the market, I’ll be over here talking about shoes for moms like me. Now that school has started, I’m on the run all day long. Running errands, meetings, football practice for Trey, Choir practice for Willow, then I have to still come home and cook, clean, and blog! So stomping the pavement in high heels? Totally out of the question. So I am going to share with you (and you!) the shoes that will help me make it during fall.

Pointy Flats


If you want the drama without the high heel commitment, pointy flats are right up your alley!  They give off the illusion of a high without all the pain and bunions. Best part? you can find pointed flats in all different shades and print.  I like these shoes because they are wide fit, and I have a thing for black leather.

Photo: Clarks Wide Fit Henderson Cute Brogue, $77.69

The Bootie


I love jeans and leggings like Southern sweet tea loves sugar. But if you want to make a fashionable splash, you should get yourself a pair of booties.  They are versatile because they can be worn with dresses, jeans, leggings and skirts, and they are low to the ground so the risk of foot pain and discomfort? Slim to none.

Photo:  Orchard Button Ankle Boot, $43.50

Canvas Shoes


Don’t look at me like that! Canvas shoes are fun and easy to wear! It’s the shoe you want to wear to little league games and when you are dressed down and have errands to run.

Photo: Red Level Blue Canvas Shoe, $23.31

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