Fall Wedding Ideas Every Bride Should Consider

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Providing the rain holds off, the fall can be a perfect time of year to have an absolutely beautiful wedding. With all the autumnal colors, it’s a great season if you’re longing for a rustic, earthy feel to your ceremony, and can make for some stunning wedding photographs. We’ve put together a list of the best tips for brides planning to tie the knot in the fall.

Stay Warm

Fall isn’t the warmest of seasons, so you might find it’s a practical idea to keep yourself and your bridesmaids warm, especially during outdoor photographs. Pashminas or shawls are an excellent way to do this whilst still looking gorgeous in your dresses.

Fall Themes

Chocolate colored bridesmaid dresses are a popular choice for fall weddings, and they really compliment the colors of the season.


If you don’t fancy going with browns and oranges, a rich, purple theme – think royal purple bridesmaid dresses paired with contrasting bouquets and accessories – really fits in with the season.


Pumpkins are a fall tradition, so if you’re sticking with the season as your theme, it’s a really cute idea to have your flower girls carry small pumpkins down the aisle instead of the traditional flowers. Not for you? Choose flowers of rich orange and red colors.

Ring Bearers

Want to dress your ring bearers in colors that fit in with the season? Have them wear crisp gray suits paired with contrasting orange ties.

Bold Bouquets

If you’re looking to make a statement with your choice of bouquet, be inspired by the rich, bold colors of fall. A red, yellow and orange bouquet will not only look stunning, it’ll also be hard to forget for all the right reasons.

White Roses

White roses are really versatile, so pair them with deep crimson and bold fall colors to decorate your venue. Most wedding venues in Los Angeles and other locations will give you the opportunity to decorate however you wish, so you can really go wild with fall colors and flowers.

Rustic Theme

Fall is the perfect season to implement a rustic theme, so whether you’re going for distressed wood or cute knitted accessories, it will look perfect on your wedding day.


Burgundy is a rich color that really fits into an autumnal theme. Whether you choose to carry a bouquet of rich, burgundy flowers or dress your bridesmaids in the color, it’s an excellent choice of hue that also has a slightly gothic touch – perfect for fall.

Fall Flowers

Whether it’s for your bouquet, bridesmaids and flower girls, decorating your venue or all three, an autumnal mix of flowers including white, orange and yellow will look stunning at a fall wedding.

Outdoor Ceremonies

If you’re lucky enough to have a dry day or have set up a canopy just to be on the safe side, an outdoor ceremony can be especially beautiful in the fall thanks to all the vibrant colors of nature. Accessorize with a birch and curly willow arch, decorated with berries and hydrangeas in autumn tones.

Open-Roof Ceremonies

If you’ve got your heart set on a ceremony under the stars but aren’t too keen on the idea of you and your guests freezing on a chilly fall evening, why not consider a ceremony at an open-roof venue, equipped with heaters.

Cowboy Boots

Although as the bride this probably won’t be your first choice of footwear, why not consider using it as part of the male usher and ring bearer dress code, or think of other ways to include it in your theme such as making them into vases for flower arrangements, as no other type of shoe screams ‘fall’ as much as a pair of brown, leather cowboy boots.

Red and Purple Color Scheme

Both rich and royal colors, red and purple come together brilliantly at a fall wedding, and go well with the bold, striking colors of the season.

Orange and Black Color Scheme

Typical fall colors, orange and black come together perfectly to make a fall wedding everything that you’d expect it to be. Think black tablecloths and chair covers, with orange sashes.

Falling Leaves

It is fall – so why not integrate the season into your ceremony and reception by having a falling leaves theme. This would look amazing on invitations, as centerpieces, and don’t forget that the colors of fall leaves come together brilliantly for an amazing autumnal color scheme.

Did you get married in fall? We’d love to know what colors you chose for your theme, how you managed to keep yourself and the bridesmaids warm, and anything else you’d like to share with us in the comments.

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