Fashion and Beauty Tips to Remember at the Beach or Pool


Looking great at the beach or pool goes beyond the swimsuit you’re wearing. You should also take into consideration what type of look you want, but be careful not to overdo it. Check out this guide on how to look your best at the beach or pool.

The perfect swimsuit

Of course, the most important aspect of your beach or pool look is your stylish swimsuit. Make sure that your swimwear fits you perfectly and that it suits the body shape you’re in. Look and feel your best with your chosen swimsuit and get ready to have loads of fun in the sun.

Stylish cover-up

Cover-ups are perfect for walking around the beach or pool, or heading over to a nearby restaurant for lunch or dinner. They are also a great way of covering up your swimsuit if you don’t feel like showing off your body too much of the time. Many cover-ups are available, from maxi dresses to ponchos. Make sure to choose one that has light, breathable material so that you won’t get too hot.


The perfect way to accessorize your beach or pool look is to add a sun hat and a pair of oversized, fashionable sunglasses. Wear comfy flip-flops and carry around a cute tote bag and you’re ready to go. Avoid putting on too much accessories so that you won’t look too dressy for the beach or pool.


One of the basic things you must keep in mind when it comes to the beach or pool is that it is very important to moisturize. Put on some moisturizer on your face and remember to keep the sunblock coming to avoid any painful sunburns or any long-term skin damage.

Keep it simple

The makeup look you’re wearing at the beach or pool should be simple. Avoid full-on makeup as this does not look very attractive when you’re out, exposed to the sun in your swimsuit. Reserve that look for dressier occasions and opt for a simple, natural look accentuated by healthy-looking skin. Put on some basic makeup and you’re good to go.

Opt for bold colors

Bold colors for your lips are perfect for a longer-lasting effect, such as berry, red or fuchsia. Even when you’ve been out in the sun for hours, chances are, you’ll still have a bit of lipstick on your lips, almost like a stain, that lets you look effortlessly chic.

Go frizz-free

Getting exposed to the sun and the elements of the water on the beach or pool can have disastrous effects on your hair. To avoid any frizz in your hair, try applying a moisturizing cream or serum to each strand while your hair is still damp. Another option is to tie your hair back with a retro scarf that covers your head or perhaps go for a chic bun.

Looking your best out in the sun is effortless with these helpful tips. Make sure to go for a laid-back, relaxed style for the ultimate cool and collected look. With these tips, you are ready to have fun and get more relaxation in the sun.

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  1. Shannon

    I do think I’m going to add a hat to the repertoire, to keep from squinting as much. I need to decide what to do with my hair. Not excited about braids but it’s been growing, I don’t want to undo it with chlorine


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