‘Feeling Fine’ Is No Excuse For Avoiding Regular Health Checks

It’s astonishing to think, but there are plenty of people out there that service their car more than they go for health checks. And given the importance of health and wellness in giving us a long, happy, productive life, it almost seems crazy to give an inanimate, four-wheeled object more attention.


The reality is that even if you feel fine, there is no excuse for avoiding health checks. Taking the car analogy even further, a regular service can help you spot problems before they develop into something more severe. It’s precisely the same with your body, and today, we’re going to go through some of the reason why you should have a regular checkup with your physician.

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You could be ill already.

There are some horrific stories of people being diagnosed with a terrible illness and only given a small amount of time to live, after feeling ill for a short time. But in many of these cases, a checkup would have found the problem many years previous.  Regular visits to the doctor’s office, imaging centers and dentists can all help ensure you are in good shape. And if there is a problem? Even something horrific like cancer can be treated if it is spotted early enough.

Your family history can play a part.

Living a healthy lifestyle? Great – it’s a fantastic start to a long and happy life. But unfortunately, it might not be enough. Your genes can play a huge role in your overall health – as can your environment. If there is a history of high blood pressure, cancer, or heart disease in your family, there is a good chance you might suffer from it as well. Regular check-ups will help give you everything you need to prevent these issues becoming significant.

You owe it to your family.

Even if you feel fine and can’t be bothered to see a doctor once in awhile, it’s essential you change your habit – for your family’s sake, at least. Certain diseases and conditions can result in incredibly complicated symptoms, and if you have a family that depends on your health, it’s something you need to consider. If the worst happens and you do end up with a nasty condition, you could put a lot of pressure and cause tremendous worry amongst those you love the most.

You will feel better.

Finally, regular health checks give you a certain peace of mind. Let’s face it, even when you are feeling great there can often be a slightly grim and fearful feeling that you aren’t 100 percent. A small twinge or chest pain, a little throb in your leg, or a bout of terrible headaches could all have you fearing the worst. Over time, your body gets used to the little issues, too, so you might not even feel any different, even though your overall health and feelings of wellness have slowly eroded.

OK, so there you have it – hopefully, this will persuade a few people out there to get their health check-ups on a more regular basis. Good luck – and good health!


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