Feeling Flush, And Not In A Good Way

No matter your skin color, or type, you could be open to a myriad of conditions. Some, we know a lot about. Everyone knows the signs of eczema, for example. And, we all dread outbreaks of acne. But, some conditions are less well known. And, we’re going to look at one such condition here. Rosacea is an acne-like issue which causes redness on the cheeks and nose. And, it’s often left undiagnosed in black sufferers.

When you’re young, free, and single, rosy cheeks are considered a good thing. A slight blush of pink is thought of as attractive. Young men love to believe their pretty lady has a flush of color about her. But, as you get older, you may start looking for solutions. As you age, those flushed cheeks will stop being cute. Instead, people may mistake you for a drinker, especially given that this condition appears around the nose. If this is the situation you find yourself in, read on to see how you can take control.

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Try treatment

As with anything medical, your best bet is to try treatment first. Visit the doctor again, and see what progress you can make. They may diagnose creams, or other skin care treatments which could help. While you won’t see an immediate improvement, ongoing use is sure to reduce symptoms. If you struggle to find results even then, it’s worth looking into options such as medical dermatology, which can treat the condition with laser therapies. This may sound extreme, but you’ll be amazed at the different options like these can have. If creams aren’t cutting it, something like this could be the only chance you have of clearing the condition.

Know your triggers

Much like conditions such as eczema, specific lifestyle choices can cause flare-ups, even after you seek treatment. Rosacea doesn’t just go away. Making bad decisions about your health could lead to future recurrences. Make sure your treatment sticks by taking note of your triggers. It may be that eating the wrong kind of food makes your skin worse, or that stress causes the issue. And, while the condition isn’t caused by drinking as many would believe, alcohol can make things worse, too. It’s worth keeping a diary of any breakouts, and considering what correlates them. Then, you can work on avoiding things which exacerbate the problem.

Prepare for flare-ups

Of course, nothing you do can end flare-ups altogether. You may be able to get them to a minimum, but they will still happen. And, when they do, you need to have a plan of action. It may be that you keep some moisturizers and creams in your collection, just in case. It’s also worth finding a foundation which works on your skin when it’s suffering. That way, you can at least cover the worst of it to boost your confidence. It’s also worth having a plan of action in place to clear things up again. That way, you can ensure you don’t have to suffer for long.


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