Find Out The Cause Of Your Back Pain & Get Healthy Again!

Back pain is extremely common and can be a real cause for concern. If left untouched, back pain can develop and become a major health problem. When things go wrong with your back, it leads to so many other issues that force you to become less active, which sets you down an unhealthy path.

The first step to regaining your healthiness is figuring out the cause of your back pain. That’s what this article will help you do, and then you can work on fixing your pain and returning to full fitness once again!


Muscle Imbalances

The biggest cause of back pain comes from a series of muscle imbalances, mainly in your hip region. If you have tight hips, this can pull on your pelvis and cause it to tilt forward, which then over arches your lower back, puts too much tension on it, and causes pain. Likewise, you can get pain in your upper back with tight chest or shoulder muscles that round your shoulders and aggressively stretch your upper/mid back causing pain and discomfort.

You’ll know if you have this type of back pain if your lower back constantly feels tight and you’re in pain when standing up for long periods. Likewise, if you have upper back pain from muscle imbalances, you feel a constant achy sensation right between your shoulder blades. Thankfully, fixing these problems is as easy as sorting out the muscle imbalances. Stretch the tight muscles (lower back, hips, chest, shoulders), and you should see things return to normal.


If your back pain comes along suddenly, then it’s most likely the result of an accident that led to an injury. There are many people out there with tough, physical jobs that get back pain from a work injury. Likewise, there are active people that get back pain from an injury in the gym or while playing sport. Or, you could just get injured from doing something at home and overstretching the muscles.

You’ll know if injury is the cause of your back pain if it comes along out of nowhere and is quite severe. Also, if the pain increases with movement, you know the issues is an injury to the muscles in your back or disks in your spine. To cure this pain, you’ll need to start injury rehab. This can be as simple as resting your back while icing the painful area or using a hot compress.


Disk Problems

Our spin is full of disks, and they can sometimes be the cause of back pain. If you have a slipped disk of a bulging disk, it can put pressure on the nerves in your spine and cause repeated pain.

You’ll know if you have disk problems if you feel pain when stretching and get a tingly feeling down the back of your leg – which is caused by the sciatic nerve. To fix this issue, you should see a doctor and surgery may be required.

It’s important for your all-around health that you find out the cause of your back pain. Once you’ve diagnosed the issue, you can fix the pain and get back to your active self.



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