Finger Paints Pop Movement Summer 2014



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Per Finger Paints, the Pop Movement collection is a “customizable collection of color popping hues.” The colors and glitter are the embodiment of the 1950s Pop Art movement. One famous Pop Art movement example is Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup Cans painting. I’m not an art history major, but Pop Art to me is an amalgamation of popular culture (such as distinctive advertisement) and bright colors.



Art Deco Pink (2 coats): Neon pink watermelon jelly




Ka-Pow (over Art Deco): Red, black pink and white hexagonal glitter in a clear base. Very Minnie Mouse.



Kitchy Tangerine (2 coats): Neon orange jelly



Kozmotology (over Kitchy Tangerine): Baby blue, black, red, light green and yellow hexagonal glitter in a clear base.



Paper Mache (2 coats): White crème



Three’s A Party (over Paper Mache): Pastel blue, orange, green, yellow and red glitter in a clear base.

I see a lot of Roy Lichtenstein in this collection. The bold colors in the glitter make me think of the distinct dots and texture seen in his comic strip-influenced artwork.

To be honest, I’m not personally impressed by the glitters. The color combinations are interesting but I’m a bit tired of standard hexagonal glitter in a clear base. This could be improved by varying the size (and maybe shapes) of the glitter mix.

The base colors are the stand out in the collection. If you don’t have a basic white, Paper Mache is a great pick. It’s the perfect canvas to let the graphic colors in the glitter to shine.

I can’t sing the praises of Art Deco Pink and Kitchy Tangerine enough. These are fabulous, easy-to-apple, must-have neon jelly awesome bombs. If you are a jelly fiend like me, you need these in your life.

Overall…skip the glitter and buy the jellies. Finger Paints’ Pop Movement is limited edition, so pick them up before they’re gone! They are all on sale for $4, right now at Sally Beauty Supply!

Finger Paints Art Deco

More about Janice

Janice Agagas-Welch is a Filipino Navy brat raised in Northwest Florida living the good life in the Lowcountry. She’s a married dog mom and licensed nail technician who has owned over 2000 polishes over the last 5 years. She also loves food, cider, mid-1990s R&B, college football and anything Peanuts/Snoopy-related.

22 thoughts on “Finger Paints Pop Movement Summer 2014

  1. Laura

    Your nail pics are so dear and crisp. What lens do you use?


  2. Destany

    I couldn’t agree more about Art Deco Pink and Kitchy Tangerine! I think Three’s a Party is my favorite of the glitters 🙂


  3. jamie @makeuplifelove

    I am digging the shades. WOW. Your pictures are soooooo crisp and beautiful. I think you may have just turned me into a glitter polish lover. I am digging those glitter top coats. Gorgeous!!
    Agreeing with Laura what lens are you using?


  4. Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    I was an art history major, and I am loving that collection, especially those toppers! I’m thinking Roy Lichtenstein looking at each one 😉


  5. loveforlacquer

    That white looks PERFECT!


  6. Norah Salazar

    What fabulous images! And the colors are so vivid.


  7. Ange

    Art Deco Pink is absolutely perfection!


  8. Phyrra

    Cute manis! I love Art Deco Pink


  9. Brooke @ Blushing Noir

    Two things. I love your nails (obv) and I need Three’s a Party!


  10. Aleya Bamdad

    Such fun colors!


  11. Betzy Carmona

    I love the type of polishes 🙂


  12. Honeygirlk

    absolutely love the mixture of texture and shades – gorgeous.


  13. Justina

    You have the most beautiful nails. I love the glitter over top.


  14. Nidia Doherty

    Paper mache is also good for nail stamping! I kinda like this collection, but I’m with you – more variation in size of glitters would be nice. I do like the color combinations, though.


  15. Kimmi @ The Plastic Diaries

    I love all the combo’s. They are gorgeous.


  16. Anastasia

    Nice! Kozmotology is a very interesting topper.


  17. Sheila Arkee

    Art Deco is so pretty. What a gorgeous collection.


  18. Noelle

    Your swatches are phenom!


  19. cindyprimebeauty

    Love this collection!


  20. Cosmetic Sanctuary

    Art Deco Pink is my favorite – but they all look amazing!


  21. Stephanie Louise Telford

    I really loved this collection- they’re so fun!


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