Could Fitness Be The Best Beauty Accessory?

In 2017, a lot is being asked of ourselves by almost everything else – including ourselves. We need to be super productive in our place of work to meet our targets. We need to feel good, so we don’t get dragged down. We need to do the things we enjoy to make ourselves happy, and of course, we need to look good – because we all want that.


Looking good involves beauty – and while beauty comes naturally in its own form to everyone on planet Earth, we all strive hard for more. We want ourselves to appeal and be prettier and more attractive not just to others, but to our own gaze when we look in the mirror. We won’t find a harsher critic than our own mind. Beauty requires effort and money – that’s why all these blogs exist, to tell our own stories of beauty and what works for us – the methods we use to apply foundation and eyeliner, how to dye hair, what brushes we use, what our bedtime routines are. We are always looking for something more.


If you were told that a single accessory existed out there to achieve peace of mind as well as natural beauty, would you believe in it? Of course not! But there is. Fitness could be the best thing for you if you want to be happier not just about the way you look, but also about how your body works. Now, the path to fitness is long and arduous – and in many cases, medical reasons might stop you blasting a marathon on a treadmill, but there are still ways we can live our lives a little cleaner and healthier and give back to our body. The rewards are amazing.


How can we start getting fit? We need to find out what works for us – personally. Some bodies aren’t suited for the impact of jogging, while others may find that their knees don’t really work that well when cycling. Workout routines differ for everyone, and if something isn’t for you, then it is not to be. That’s no bother though; there are plenty of top workout programs available to suit everyone at every level of fitness. Something that is incredibly important to note, though – never ever push yourself beyond your limits. If a workout is genuinely hurting instead of ‘burning’, are doing damage to yourself. In some instances, this can be life threatening – if you’re getting light headed or hurting during exercise, you need to stop what you are doing and seek medical advice. Don’t disobey your doctor here.


When we figure out what routines and workouts we can actually perform, we can then look at ways to perform them. The modern world gives plenty of workout environments from the home to your gym to the local park. Options are good – this means you can change up your workout environment day to day – from pushups and jumping jacks at home, to a few weights at the gym the next day and then a jog around the local park the day after that. Gyms are a fantastic way to get fit as you’re working out in a dedicated environment for exercise that is both motivating and friendly. Where you choose to workout and exercise depends on you – many find the gym an uncomfortable environment and prefer to workout at home in isolation, others prefer the fresh air and no limits of exercising in the outside world. As with everything fitness, it all depends on your own personal preferences and almost nothing else.

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With fitness, routines are important. We need to do our exercises in sets and repetitions instead of simply going until we can’t. Why? Because we limit injury, we exercise responsibly and this way – we can actually measure what we are doing. This is for a number of reasons. Mainly, it is so we can keep in track with what we are actually doing and identify areas to push ourselves or reign it in. If we are not performing the amount of reps listed, it could mean we are struggling to perform the workout. If we are easily performing the reps, it means the workout isn’t strong enough and we need to up it to get the most out of our regime.


Fitness is nothing without a stable diet – so watch what you eat. We need to fuel our bodies well and that means eating good food, instead of simply eating. Your diet helps with beauty and you’ll have clearer skin and whiter teeth through eating better. This doesn’t always mean eating less, but eating the right type of foods within a balanced diet. The benefits of fruit and their antioxidant qualities are well known – so educate yourself about what food is right for you. Calorie counting is something many do, but is only super necessary during weight loss so we can determine the calories we input into our body against the calories burnt during exercise. Apps like MyFitnessPal come with barcode scanners and food databases, so we not only know exactly what we are eating, we know what is in it and what it has put into our bodies which is important data for fitness and weight loss.


Why is fitness the best beauty accessory then? Well – it will tone your body. It will flatten your belly, bring in fat, tone those cheekbones. Most of the effects we turn to makeup and beauty products for are also achieved by healthy living. Fitness can be as simple, or as complex as we want it to be. It doesn’t need to be difficult, or costly – but we can make it so if we wish. Fitness bends to our demands, but it also takes us places. Fitness is great for beauty as it gives us not just pride in our appearance, but also pride in our lifestyle. Anyway, no matter what – as long as you feel good, you will look good and fitness certainly helps with feeling good about ourselves, our body and our mind.


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Aprill Coleman is an award-winning beauty, lifestyle and wellness blogger and freelance writer based in Jackson, Mississippi.

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