Fact: BHA Destroys Blackheads, So Here’s Five of the Best BHA Products

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Today is the day you throw that weak, blackhead eliminating scrub away. It’s doing nothing for your blackheads, and you know this because, well…. the blackheads are still on your face. So sit back, relax, put your blackhead extractor down, and discover some of the best BHA toners to remove blackheads.

Blackheads are a combination of dead skin cells and sebum with a sprinkle of oxidized melanin on top, it’s what gives them that distinct black color. Blackheads form when the sebaceous glands overproduce sebum and clumps together with dead skin cells, clogging the pore. The open comedone exposes this nasty plug to air, oxidizes, and turns black.

Blackheads are not a symbol of poor hygiene. Here are some factors that cause blackheads:

· Cosmetics that block pores

· Sweating and humidity

· Diseases that encourage rapid cell turnover

· Hormonal changes

Now that we know what blackheads are, how they form and what causes them, let’s talk about what you’ve been doing and why it’s wrong. You’ve been using scrubs that claim they will remove blackheads. That’s a half truth, but they don’t solve the problem totally. According to 20 Beauty Myths Busted, by Paula Begoun, you cannot simply scrub a blackhead away.

“Using a topical scrub can remove the top portion of the blackhead, but it does nothing to address the underlying cause, so they’re back again before too long”- Paula Begoun

This is where BHA, aka salicylic acid saves the day. Salicylic acid penetrates the oil and exfoliates deep into the pore to dissolve oil and dead skin cells. Leaving you with no blackheads over time. Repeated use of salicylic acid also means blackheads wont come back to play. Here’s five of the best BHA products:

five best bha products

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting BHA Liquid


This leave on exfoliant unclogs pores, diminishes wrinkles and improves skin tone for the best skin ever.

$29; Buy it! + Click this link and get $10 off your first order 

Mizon Pore Control Peeling Toner


This unique cleansing toner removes makeup, unclogs pores, and calms the skin after cleansing.

$19; Buy it!

Dermadoctor Aint Misbehaving AHA/BHA Acne Cleanser


Specially formulated to clear blemishes and work with your daily acne control products, it reduces oil, mattifies the skin and refreshes the complexion. Soap free, oil free and pH balanced.

$30; Buy it!

Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid us001192-bha-blackhead-power-liquid-packaging_1

This is a hot K-beauty product!! Clinically proven to reduce the formation of blackheads, this liquid removes excess sebum while leaving the skin hydrated.

$16.70; Buy it!

Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner


Tried and true, this toner contains AHA and BHA to visibly reduce the appearance of pores by destroying blackheads and cleansing the pores.

$10.35; Buy it!


Do you suffer from blackheads? Did this article help you? Comment with your thoughts below!

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4 thoughts on “Fact: BHA Destroys Blackheads, So Here’s Five of the Best BHA Products

  1. Heather ツ

    I had no idea that BHA was Salicylic Acid! I learned something today o/


  2. Nyle Evans

    I’m starting with the least expensive. Hope this works. Appreciate the information


  3. Bryan

    Why not use the corn remover liquid from the foot care aisle? That’s salycilic acid, right?


  4. Aprill

    While corn remover contains BHA, there are other ingredients that will burn the skin’s barrier.


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