Five Must Haves For An Awesome Facial At Home

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Let’s face it, getting a facial in a salon is expensive. I went to an upscale salon in Jackson a few months ago and it was $150. While the service was phenomenal, it’s something that I cant afford to do on a regular basis. But I did get a jist of what I need to buy to get a perfect facial in the comfort of my own home. So here are all the tools you need, and about 30 minutes of your time to create a spa experience right at home!

Towel Steamer

towel steamer

The first step to any good facial is a good steaming. You can do it the hard way and wet towels or you can invest $60 and purchase a towel steamer. You will find this handy to steam towels for not only your face, but your hair too (epic deep conditioning). You can find one on for less than $70 and they last forever.

Quality Towels


You don’t want any kind of towel on your face, you want towels that are thick, rich, and bleach resistant when it’s time to wash. Invest in a quality salon towel, maybe a few. It’s not that expensive to buy a few in bulk, and that way you can reserve them for your steamer only, which is more sanitary.

Blackhead/Whitehead extractor


Opinions on acne extractors are mixed, but I cant live without mine. It’s always sterile, clean and ready to use. I picked it up for $3.99 at Walgreens. If you are looking for tips to keep it clean, I boil after every use and keep it stored in a clean sterile ziplock bag.

Oil Cleanser


After all that steaming and extracting, it’s time to rehydrate and balance the skin. I love oil cleansers and honestly, I don’t think I have a favorite because I love them all. Ixora, Philosophy, and DHC are my top three. I love to deep massage with an oil cleanser once a week. Rinse and blot dry!


Beauty hygiene cream and liquid powder tube cosmetics

Winter is upon us and the air is so dry, it’s imperative that you invest in a good moisturizer to finish off your awesome at home facial.  Find a moisturizer that  will not clog your pores and contains essential ingredients to keep the skin soft and supple all day.

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