Five Signs You Shouldn’t Book a Wedding Venue

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Booking a wedding venue can be stressful, especially if you have a strict budget in mind, or if you have a specific expectation about your venue (such as one by the beach). But even if you think you’ve found the perfect wedding venue, there are certain signs that will alert you to the fact that you should keep looking. Continue reading to learn more.

Not Enough Parking

If your guests will have to walk a long way to get to your wedding because they have to park far away from the venue, which doesn’t have enough room in its parking lot, this could be a problem. If the venue offers a shuttle bus, you may be able to get around the problem with ease. But it’s really up to you how you want your guests to feel. Do you really want them to have to wait for a shuttle bus, or would you rather book a venue that has ample amounts of parking so everyone can arrive with ease?

Tight Spaces

A wedding venue could have the most gorgeous views and great décor throughout the interior, but if there simply isn’t enough room for all of your guests, they’ll only feel uncomfortable throughout the event. Be sure to take a tour of the entire facility, especially the rooms in which your ceremony and reception will be held, in order to determine if the number of guests you’re planning on inviting will actually fit. Even if the vendor says that a room can fit, for example, 100 people, you should be able to envision how much space they’ll really have once they’re in the room.

Sound Restrictions

If you want your DJ or your band to play music really loudly, then ask the wedding venue about any sound restrictions that it imposes. Some venues only allow music to be played up to a certain decibel, and this could be a problem if you want to make your party a loud one.


In the same way that some venues have sound restrictions, others may have curfews. Ask the venue about this, especially if you’re planning on having your event outdoors, as local laws may require that you end your event earlier because of noise ordinances.

An Unwillingness to Work on Customizing the Menu

If you’re discussing your catering options with a venue that’s unwilling to help you meet your expectations for the type of food that will be served, it’s best to move on. This is especially important if you follow a strict diet, such as a vegetarian or vegan diet, and you want your wedding to follow suit. So before signing the contract, ask the venue’s manager if he’ll be willing to customize the menu and perhaps even have his chef work on dishes that aren’t typically served. If not, don’t sign the contract or you’ll end up being stuck with food you hate.

Every couple will be different, so go with your gut to make the right decision. Be sure to search for wedding venues in Kent by to help in your quest to book the ideal venue.

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