Flash Your Teeth: Show Me Your Smile And I’ll Tell You How To Look After It

Smiling is often the best way to make a positive first impression. Is there anything better than smiling at the person you meet to release all tensions ? So pack your best lipstick and find out how to take care of your smile.


#1. The Whiter Than White Smile

Interestingly enough, while white teeth are preferred as a sign of health, they are the least natural type of smile. Indeed, the food you eat and the drinks you consume, even if it remains part of a healthy diet, will have a strong impact on the color of your teeth. People who tend to drink a lot of tea, for example, will have slightly yellow teeth. In short, you are indeed what you eat. Bot don’t worry; you can find a lot of affordable and easy whitening solutions that can help you to keep a bright smile at all times.

Whiten your teeth

#2. The Crowded Grin

A crowded mouth is by definition a mouth that has too many teeth and not enough room. This is a phenomenon that you can start to notice around the early teenage years and in young adults too. Often, you will need to make an appointment with your local dentist – if you don’t know your local dentist, you can check on Dentists.Nhere.me to find an expert who is near to you – to make sure that your gum has enough room for all the teeth, including wisdom teeth that tend to grow at a later age. Dentists might need to practice teeth extraction to make room in your mouth.

Dental care and checkup

#3. A Gap Between Your Front Teeth

There used to rumors about the front teeth gap that pretended that a gap between teeth could cause issue for the overall mouth health. In truth, the care of a gapped smile is similar to any other tooth care routine. You will need to brush your teeth regularly and floss daily between your teeth. Contrary to the common belief, the risk of developing gum disease or tooth decay is minimal for those you have a gap between their teeth, as there are less possibilities for food to get stuck and rot.


#4. Pointy Fangs

For many people, having prominent canines can ruin a smile and make you look like some sort of modern vampire. In truth, showing powerful fangs is often associated with self-confidence, as you can find out with Mindtools.com. This tends to make a very positive impression in society. However, if your teeth are so prominent that they can cause injuries to your gum, you can ask your dentist to look for smoothing options. Often, you will need to floss carefully around the canine area to avoid any issue.


#5. Gum Exhibitionist

Showing your gums as your smile is common for people who have small teeth and large gums. There is absolutely no health issue related to this type of smile. However, you will need to take very good care of your smile, because exposing your gums increases the risk of gum bleeding and gum disease. Therefore you need to make sure everything is healthy with a regular mouthwash and healthy eating habits in addition to your brushing and flossing routine.

A young gum smiler


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