Flower Power: The Perfect Reasons To Send Flowers

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There are several occasions that often call for flowers such as weddings, proms, funerals or congratulations and it’s now becoming easier and easier to send a message to someone in the form of flowers as a gift. Whether you’re wanting to congratulate someone on a new baby, new job or engagement, you want to show your sympathies or send get well wishes ordering online flowers can be one of the perfect ways to do just that. Have a look here at some of the perfect reasons to send flowers today. 

Wedding Flowers

Flowers are often one of the main features at a wedding with many couples considering flowers as one of the most important things that they are planning. Whether they’re having a traditional ceremony or getting married on a beach abroad, you’ll find that the bride and groom don’t get chance to enjoy the flowers and arrangements that they’ve spent that all important budget on. You will find that it’s often the case that even the bride’s bouquet will spoil especially if they’re planning on a honeymoon straight away or are already abroad as they don’t get the chance to display them in their home. It could be a good idea to order some flowers online through an online florist ready for when they arrive home in the same colour scheme as the wedding flowers so that they have a chance to enjoy the days of fresh flowers in their home. It’d be a lovely touch especially when they are returning from the honeymoon and slipping back into normality. Why not have a look at the flowers Fig & Bloom have to offer when you’re looking for the perfect way to send online flowers. 

Sympathy and Funeral Flowers

Whenever you are considering buying flowers to offer condolences it’s always best to ask the family of the deceased whether they would prefer flowers or a donation to be made in their name, not everyone wants to receive flowers as they like to have certain preferences to colours or types etc. If the bereaved are accepting flower though it can sometimes be difficult to select something appropriate that sends the right message as some flowers have meant it may be good to research this before choosing. Bear in mind that you should make the flowers easy to move as they may be taken home to be placed on the grave at a later date. Regardless of the type of flowers you choose, make sure you write a sympathy card to accompany them so they know who has left them. 

Birthday Bouquet

A bunch of flowers is almost like a failsafe when it comes to finding the perfect birthday gift. They are thoughtful, simple and carry a lovely sentiment. The best bit is that any type of flower can be appropriate for birthdays, including roses, carnations, and orchids. An increasingly popular flower is the daisy as it symbolizes innocence and modesty. Perfect for friends! The best birthday bouquets are definitely the ones that are chosen based on the person’s favourite flowers or those that have a hidden meaning. A pink carnation means gratitude, Gardenia joy, red chrysanthemum means sharing just to name a few. 

Special Occasion Flowers

Arranging a flower delivery for any special ocasion is a colourful way to celebrate. It can be fun to learn about the diferent symbolism of each variety of flower and really go into the meaning when you’re choosing or of course, you can just pick the recipients favourite colours or flowers. Roses and carnations are some of the most common and easy to find. If you’re looking to congratulate someone on a new job then amaryllis would be a good choice as they symbolize encouragement and acknowledgment for a job well done. Another thoughtful flower is the daffodil, readily available in early spring they symbolize truth and forgiveness. 

Lover’s Flowers

It’s traditional for flowers to be given by lovers on Valentine’s day however flowers should be for all year round. This way you don’t always give or receive roses, which is typically what you see around Valentines. The red rose or chrysanthemum speaks of love but this shouldn’t mean that you don’t explore other options. If your partner or the person you are dating likes other flowers then they are a good choice too. Young love is traditionally shown with primrose and could be a nice touch for a prom date. The most popular flower is still the rose for valentines day so you should remember what each colour symbolizes. Red is for love, yellow for friendship, pink is for admiration and the white indicates purity and innocence. So be sure to send the right message. 

There are so many lovely occasions to send flowers for, these are just a few. Do you have any other ideal occasions that would be the perfect excuse to send someone flowers? Please share any ideas in the comments section below.  

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