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Foot Cardigan is a subscription service. Every month you get a crazy pair of socks for $9 a month. Unlike most subscription services, you get to choose which pair of socks you want for the month. I received two pairs as a sample from the company so you can get a better idea of the quality.

Socks are an everyday staple for me. Whether I’m lying around the house or going somewhere (most of the time I have on tennis shoes), I love crazy socks to match my mood and to accessorize. Plus, when I don’t feel like doing a pedi on my feet, socks are the greatest cover-up.


The first pair is a cute pair of socks with puppies on them. Now as far as quality, they are very nice. The socks are well woven and stretchy.


The second pairs are floral designed socks. They are knee-length and again, it seems that the material is very nice.  The material blend for both pairs of socks  is 75% cotton, 20% polyester, 5% spandex.

The problem that I have is the price, and the true worth of the socks they are sending me. Are these socks really worth nine bucks? And I basically paying $7 for the socks and $2 for shipping? Can I find socks cheaper in the many retail stores in my area? These are the questions that I ask myself.

When I look at the user interface of the site, I notice that they don’t ask many questions about your style initially. Maybe they do after you pay but…

So are you picking from a standard gallery of socks every month for $9 or are you going to see socks based on your style? These are questions that will be left with no answers for me.

If you have the money to blow, this will be a good fit for you. The quality of the socks are great, but the site’s interface leaves me with a lot of questions.

Foot Cardigan is $9 a month. Sign up at http://footcardigan.com

p.s. I’m really upset I missed the eggs and bacon socks. I would pay $9 for THOSE

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