Cooler Weather Does Not Mean Abandoned Feet!


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Fall is here, winter is never far behind, the weather is getting colder and the air is getting drier. And some of you have the nerve to think that you can just neglect your feet. Sure they will be covered up with socks, tights and the ugliest pair of Uggs you can find. I have a few top picks that you can use to keep your feet soft and moisturized during the cold season.


I love IxoraBB Whip It Up Shea Butter. Whip It Up Shea Butter is a light and fluffy textured body butter containing Shea Nilotica Butter. This is great to apply after a hot shower. Rub it in and put on some cheesy fall socks and your feet will not only look great, but they will smell great. I bought a jar of the pumpkin spice last week, and lucky for us, she has a wide selection of scents for the fall, include Sandelwood! (This will be my next purchase). IxoraBB’s Whip It Up Shea Butter retails for $14.00 and you can purchase from


If shea butter is not your thing, opt for something in a creamy lotion form. Sweets For Feet is a cream designed specifically for the feet that gives intense hydration without the greasy residue. Not only do you get a really great foot cream, but you also get tantilizing fragrances to choose from- Buttercream Dream, Ginger Spice Cookie, Lemonade Cake, and Baklava. There’s also an unscented version.  The fragrances are light and literally mouthwatering. I personally recommend the Ginger Spice Cookie. It’s delicious! Sweets For Feet retails for $20 (4oz); you can purchase from


For harder to tame skin, meaning people that suffer from extra dry skin and eczema and need something without fragrance try Amlactin foot cream. This triple action alpha-hydroxy therapy cream smooths dry skin, heals, repairs, softens and exfoliates.  This super thick cream works miracles on dry skin! Apply it twice a day and watch your feet make a transformation. Keep in mind that because this contains AHA, you are going to need sunscreen on skin that may be exposed to the sun. Get more information about Amlactin from their website

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