Are All Foot Masks Created Equal? Pedi Pamper 7 Day Foot Peeling Mask

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It’s been a few years since I first discovered my 1st foot peel and ever since, twice a year, I do my ritual peel. Even though I work from home and mom from home, I find myself on my feet a lot venturing into grocery stores, shopping malls, doctor’s offices and field trips. That means my feet are busted.

I tend to accumulate callused skin on the outer arch of my foot, the outer heel, and the mound of my foot. While it is not cracking or painful, it is uncomfortable considering I sleep on satin sheets. There’s nothing like rubbing your feet around in the bed and hearing the scratching sound of your callused feet snatching the sheets. Can you say YIKES?


I linked up with the owner of Pedi Pamper ($14) to try a foot peel that is similar to Baby Foot, but $15 cheaper. Am I apprehensive? You bet. The last cheap affordable foot peel I used by a brand whose name I will not mention was a disappointment. I few flakes of skin fell from the top of my foot, you know… where the peel was not needed and that was it. I still had rough feet.

So I’m trying again.

Pedi Pamper is a glycolic foot peel used for deep exfoliation. This “sheet mask for feet” is composed of plant extracts (aloe, cucumber, rosemary, lemon, hedara helix) and alpha hydroxy acids (lactic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, malic acid) that claims to penetrate deep to give you youthful, soft, hydrated feet after 7 days (could be longer).

The process is exactly the same as Baby Foot. Cut open the pack, slip the booties on, let it penetrate for 30-90 minutes, remove the boot, rinse and dry the feet and wait for the grossest experience of your life to happen in 7 days.

Now for some news that you did not expect: I could not complete the review.

Why? The boots are too small, already setting itself apart from Baby Foot and Miss Spa, two brands that made booties that were large enough for my size 12 feet.  If I had to estimate, anyone with a shoe size 10 or smaller could use this.

Aside from the fact that I could not fit the bootie, the liquid inside the boot did not have a gel like texture like Baby Foot, it was watery. To add insult to injury, the boot had a strong, nauseating scent of rubbing alcohol. Baby Foot did not have an odor.

This is as far as my review goes guys. The boot was too small, the liquid was strongly scented, and the texture of the substance in the boot was off compared to Baby Foot.

I’ll continue giving my money to Baby Foot, this was a disappointment.


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